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This is my latest rom

Completly de-odexed
new bootanimation
no virgin mobile apps
custom bootimage
new keylayout ( camera button opens the camera not focus, side voice control is power button, changed all the buttons to stop unlocking the screen except for the menu button)
Stagefright enabled

download here

going to bed but will post more about it tommorow everything works didn't do much testing on it but if you got any complaints let me know.


"Stagefright is ment to improve performance.

However the implmentation on the blade gives double the score in benchmarks for Quadrant - this makes us suspect that its broken.

However some users say some games are better with it on.

Thats it really"


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This is a old Froyo Rom that may or may not cause a black screen. I can't remember if it will or not. If you go to the All things Root Guide sticky you will see a link to one of the greatest old Froyo ROM's the Rodimus ROM, still one of the best Froyo ROM's. You can flash this one to a phone with a Hitachi screen (which you probably have).
Another one is the Resurrected Bumblebee, which has the xionia kernel in it.

If you want more space for apps over speed then the Harmonia ROM (the Froyo one) is the one you want.

Go to the sticky mentioned above and look thru the first guide and the 6th one.

All the ROM's listed will work the Optimus V. Pick one that will work for your screen version.
The one's that will only work for the Novatek screen V's (mostly just the 2.2.1 OS version) are clearly marked as such. Do not use these.
All CM-7 and CM-9 ROM's will work on all screen versions

If you have the ZV9 OS firmware you need to use the 1st root exploit in the All Things Root Guide sticky. Look in: menu/settings/about phone. Look at the Baseband version #
If ZV5 os firmware you can use the 1st guide in the All Things Root Guide sticky.