Feb 19, 2011
If you like Froyo's ROMs, here for you a Froyo+Sense really fast, stable and with a great look! I'm testing it personally in theese days and I love it!
Enjoy it!

From: XDA-Developers

This is a port of the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Slide Froyo Sense to the Hero GSM. If you don't have a Hero GSM, look elsewhere.

After the dust settled with all the excitement of the new Sense Gingerbread, I revisited this port, and IMHO this one has real potential. It seems fast and stable and I am hoping to get everything working in the near future, well at least everything except the camera. Additionally, I am in parallel working on a method to add proper RTL support (Hebrew, Arabic) to closed source ROMs, and this ROM will incorporate this as well.

This ROM is now a collaboration between me and ArnoSlag.

For now, here is an update with what we got so far: (Android RTK) (Wupper) (Multiupload)

This is still an experimental version, mostly to get feedback from those bold enough to try it. I will be away for a few days, so most likely there won't be another update for at least a week. But, especially if there is interest in this, I will continue to work on this.

- Full wipe and flash from recovery
- First load will take a while

Known bugs and limitations:
- This is a port of a T-Mobile ROM (USA) so the Sense UI does not have the translations for European languages.
- Camera, not sure if its possible to have a working hero camera on Sense 2.2 ROMs
- Wifi hotspot does not work (I believe we don't have kernel support for this)
- Trackball notification does not work (WIP)
- Gyros seem to work (i.e. the included Teeter game), yet still if I install Abduction no gyros (also WIP)
- Menu key unlocks lock screen?!
- When the screen dims just before it times out, touching the screen will prevent the timeout but when using auto-brightness will result in very low brightness either until the screen is turned off and on or until there is a change in ambient light (causing a recalculation of the auto-brightness). Not much I can do about this HTC bug as they didn't give me the sources ;(.
- Arabic reshaping is not supported in the web browser (and other "small" Arabic problem support problem like the crazy cursor movement, which at least currently also exist in CM7).
- Anything else?


Originally Posted by arnoslag
Extra themes for herolatte, not my own work !!

place the theme that you want to use in the system\app\

and then select the theme in mymodes.

Tag: Themes for Tegro

!!!! I did not test every theme if it works !!!!

Have fun

Version 0.5
- Espresso Sense tweaked to look a bit better - Thanks ArnoSlag
- GPS fixed
- BT audio fixed (I think)
- Light fixed (but not trackball)
- Gyros fixed (at least partially)
- Audio gliches fixes
- Added reboot menu
- ROM Cleanup a bit
- Full Hebrew and Arabic support (except for Arabic support in browser)

Version 0.2 (Herosso)
- Initial version base on T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide update 2.15.531.3.
- App2SD
- Basic hardware support