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Root [ROM][Sense] JaggyRom 4.0.3 [12-10-12]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DanceOff, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. DanceOff

    DanceOff Member
    Thread Starter
    Dec 2, 2012

    Dec 2, 2012
    Admin at www.android-developers.forum.bz
    New Delhi,India

    An optimized, european, stock-based custom rom.

    • Rooted
    • Cranium Kernel
    • Ext-2,3,4 partition support.
    • Task killer tweak for speed
    • Mount2SD Scipt.
    • BusyBox installed
    • Booting HTC Sound dissabled
    • Bash shell support
    • /etc/init.d scripts support
    • Dalvic-cache to SD enabled
    • Deodexed
    • Zipaligned to optimize Ram usage at every boot.
    • +140mb free internal memory at startup.(Make ext Partition Before Flashing)
    • "ES file explorer", "Easyinstaller", "Adobe Flash", "Solid File Explorer" and "Terminal" preinstalled.
    • Dissabled scrolling cache.
    • Blue theme with scrolling glow.
    • CRT on/off animation. (thanks to pchandra)
    • Advanced quick settings.
    • Swipe to remove notifications.


    - Fixed CRT issue (sometimes rebooting after a call)

    - Added advanced quick settings (thanks to pchandra)

    - Added Adreneline engine: (thanks nilot27 for the tip )

    ✔ Increase touchscreen sensitivity
    ✔ Less RAM usage through zipalign. | World first smart zipaligning
    ✔ Reduced /dbdata, /data, /sdcard usage of *.db files and faster database access. | World first smart sqlite optimizing
    ✔ Faster disk access through remount script (noatime, disabled barrier etc) | World first smart remounting
    ✔ Better network throughput from TCP tweaks and 3G tweaks
    ✔ Tons of prop tweaks
    ✔ Overall Better Performance and Battery Life
    ✔ Less lags through LMK Tweak and Various VM Tweaks
    ✔ Faster SDCARD Read/Write Speed
    ✔ Bypass website like thepiratebay.se

    - Added Bravia and Xloud engline.

    Bravia engine: Improve screen quality of the display (You'll see improvements when you view a photo, watch movies, play games

    Xloud engine: will make the volume more louder, sound quality is crispier and very clear than stock, and bass issues from stock will be fixed

    -Blue Theme (system, dialer, keyboard, etc...)


    - Fixed/edited many icons.
    - Added modified build.prop to skip gameloft compatibility check.
    - Modified battery indicator. Black background. Now stays blue and changes to red under 15%.


    - Fixed/changed some remaining icons and camera app buttons (blue).
    - Changed background of slide menu (dialer, apps list, clock..) It was to ligh, hardly visible.
    - Changed header and clear buttons from status bar.
    - Changed bootanimation. (Thanks to akya22!)
    - Changed settings icons (now ICS style)
    - Removed last build.prop (caused conflicts on some networks).get it from here.
    - Changed default walpaper.
    - Fixed blank area between notification and quicksettings tab.
    - Updated Google play, Es file browser, Superuser, Maps, Streetview and Gmail to latest versions.


    - Fixed possible bugs with calls.


    -Fixed adrenaline engine script, no more memory leaks in /data/local.
    -Fixed brightness Seekbar on Quicksettings, length was longer than actual visible area.
    -Changed new unread mesage/call notification dot to blue.
    -Removed recent apps from status bar.
    -Removed Volume and Settings shortcuts from quicksettings.
    -Some little changes in statusbar theme.
    -Increased decode memory capability for progressive jpg file (hopefully better camera images) Thanks to nilot27!
    -Added carrier name on satus bar.
    -Fixed some icons (gmail stars)
    -Removed some unnecesary lib files from lite version. Thanks to Nukeblitz!

    -New rosie.apk theme
    -Clock widget themed to look like Sense 4
    -Mount2sd script added
    -A2SD Script removed
    -Removed A2SDGUI
    -Added Adobe Flash, and some apps
    -Build.prop tweaks
    -Changed Kernel to Cranium Kernel
    -Currently working on it.
    -Beats Audio

    -----WiFi Fix For v4.0.3


  2. DanceOff

    DanceOff Member
    Thread Starter
    Dec 2, 2012

    Dec 2, 2012
    Admin at www.android-developers.forum.bz
    New Delhi,India
    -Download Rom
    -Put to SD card
    -Reboot/Boot to recovery
    -Wipe Data/Factory Reset(no need if upgrading)
    -Wipe Dalvik Cache(optional/recommended)
    -Wipe System(compulsory)
    -Install .Zip From SD card
    - Boot
    -On first boot open Terminal, type:
    "su" then type "m2sd dalvik enable"

    -MOST IMPORTANT- Hit the "Thanks"

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