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[ROM][STOCK][ACS] "Swiss Cheese Samsprint" EE03 :: RFS Only, CWM3025 :: Deodexed/Prerooted :: 5/16

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Shabbypenguin, May 16, 2011.

  1. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    k0nane and the Android Creative Syndicate present...
    "Swiss Cheese Samsprint" EE03
    Deodexed, prerooted - RFS ONLY

    The Android Creative Syndicate: From spontaneous ingenuity comes creative brilliance.

    Hey look, tasty treats! This one tastes a lot like... Gingerbread. Om nom. This is the EE03 build, which is very much improved over ED12. The bugs that existed before are gone - 4G works, GPS works, charging works, the temperature sensor appears to be normal... This is not a final build, but it's a lot closer. We have to give credit where credit is due and thank Samsprint for stepping it up. 2.3 is looking like it's not going to suck even a little bit!

    This is RFS-only. There is no EXT4 support as of yet; our kernel team is always busy, and given the lack of success we had with ED12's kernel, hacking in EXT4 wasn't something that was incredibly high on the priorities list. Our kernel team may look at it soon, but we wanted to get this to you as soon as our source gave us the green light. The kernel is rooted, and contains Busybox for your device usage pleasure.

    How To Install
    Odin (download) to stock EC05 (download), use the CWM3.0.2.5 one-click (NOT CWM2.5) (download), wipe data/cache three times, and flash the ROM.

    We suggest also flashing the EE03 modem - unlike the ED12 modem, this one won't break anything, and actually appears to be improved over EB13/EC05. Team lead rjmjr69 reports 4G signal in an indoors location where even 3G was spotty before. As always, YMMV, but this one seems to be a winner.



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  2. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Notable Features

    There's a lot to love in this release. As noted above, the bugs from ED12 appear to be squashed, and the following new features are available:

    - The Market signature has been changed to that of a Nexus S 4G, allowing you to download protected apps. Otherwise, your Epic still identifies as an Epic.
    - FM Radio works, we've got an addon for you
    - Netflix works, with the APK posted below
    - Google Talk with video works, we've got that in the same addon as FM Radio
    - We've removed Carrier IQ! Since this is a stock ROM, that's an addon as well.
    - The CRT animation for screen off, and the overscroll feature, are available.
    - rjmjr69 reports WiFi Tether works - use version 3.0-pre14; you must use security.
    - Only known bug: LED notifications may not work properly.

    Downloads - No Wait Times!

    Download ROM/kernel (Direct) | Mirrors :: Direct #2 - Mediafire
    Download EE03 modem (Direct) | Mirrors :: Direct #2 - Mediafire

    Addons: CIQ removal (mirror) :: CRT screen-off/Overscroll [Requires noCIQ] (mirror) :: FM Radio/GTalk Video (mirror) :: Netflix APK (mirror)


    • Where's the TAR? Our source put his job at risk by giving this to us. Unfortunately, we cannot release the TAR for this very reason. If we receive clearance from our source, we will release what we can.
    • WHERE'S THE %^#&ing TAR?!?! Did you not read the above? Die in a fire. You're not missing anything, trust us.
    • I'm getting FCs! Wipe data and reflash. Otherwise, this is fully stock, and comes with what any full-stock build will.
    • How do I install the addons? Wipe cache/dalvik-cache in CWM, flash the noCIQ mod, then the CRT/overscroll mod. The others can be installed in any order at any time. Netflix is just an APK, install it normally.
    • How do I flash the modem in Odin? Put your phone in Download mode by holding 1 on the keyboard and the power button until you get to a yellow triangle. Connect the phone to USB. Open Odin, load the PIT in PIT and the modem in PDA (or Phone - both work). Uncheck everything on the left except Auto Reboot. Click the big button.
    • Be sure to enable animations in Settings > Display!


    • tanimn (ACS) - rooted kernel
    • Shabbypenguin (ACS) - hosting
    • jez2cool (ACS) - testing
    • Marcusant - CRT, overscroll mod details
    • rjmjr69 (ACS) - team lead

    The most important thanks of all goes to our source - you are an asset to this entire community!

    Special Support

    The Android Creative Syndicate fully supports ptfdmedic's mission of spreading autism awareness. Our graphics guru ZHkilla has whipped up a brand-new, awesome banner for the cause. Please add it to your signatures.



    This and any other ACS productions are not, and will never be donationware. However, I and ACS have put a good number of hours into getting this ship-shape. Your generosity - if you feel like showing it - is deeply appreciated!

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  3. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    P-O-S-T :: R-E-S-E-R-V-E-D
    ...for future use.


    Visit ACS's home on the web at http://www.acsyndicate.net, and follow us on Twitter at @ACSyndicate!

  4. k0nane

    k0nane Android Expert

  5. cds0699

    cds0699 Android Expert

    Awesome :) I will prob check this out tomorrow.
  6. rounsy222

    rounsy222 Android Enthusiast

    Looks very interesting indeed! Thank you for sharing with us :)
  7. mdpirello

    mdpirello Newbie

    i have been using EE03 all day with no problems at all. i have used other roms in the past and this is the best one that i have flashed so far. i cant wait til the official verison comes out.
  8. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    Lead dev for the Indulge team eh? Man...that sucks!!!!! What needs to happen for you to come back to the Epic?

    Better yet, what Sprint phone are you going to go with next? That'l be my next phone.
  9. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    hahaha he still is working on the epic, just hes working on the indulge now to.. and as he is the ONLY dev on the indulge team... the lead part seems kinda extra.. :p
  10. LJBisbee

    LJBisbee Lurker

    I'm new to all this. I want to root my phone and install this, but if I do, will I still be able to get the official version when it's finally released?
  11. qbking77

    qbking77 Well-Known Member

    You're going to have to factory reset to update. So make sure you always backup your apps and contacts.
  12. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    Not exactly, no. The guy above said part of it. If you're going to root, then you're obviously not thrilled with what the phone is stock. I don't blame you. However, that being said, what makes you think you'll be happy with it 'stock' on Gingerbread?

    What I'm saying is, even if you do root and put a custom ROM on there, you're still going to be better off. The devs in the communities put out a great product. I don't ever want anything 'official' from SamSprint again. After rooting and ROMing my phone, I don't think I can ever go back to a stock Android anything unless it's got a Nexus badge on it. I'll happily wait an extra 12-24 hours and have a custom ROM with all the crap removed and put that on my phone once any official update comes from SamSprint.

    I know exactly where you're coming from as I was in the exact same spot you are, with the same concern, about two months ago. I had heard Android was good, but I never thought it could be like this...
  13. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    I had a brain freeze and semi-forgot which thread I was in. With the reports of this ROM, you'd probably be better off rooting and putting a custom Froyo ROM on your Epic instead of this. Still quite a few bugs running around this one, which is why there is already a newer release of it out from Sprint (EE12).

    No one has released it yet in the dev community, but it's real and that's probably going to be the official GB that comes out late this month to mid June.
  14. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    MUCH nicer than the last leak. Still some bugs and some apps FC but smooth enough to be a daily driver so far!

    Battery life is better than the last leak too!!!
  15. moviemngr

    moviemngr Newbie

    I have been running this rom for almost 24 hours now. Previously on leaked DK28 build. No root then. Decide to give it a shot and I am so glad I did. I have not yet flashed the new modem.

    So far:
    -Runs smooth. I use Go Launcher, plays nice so far.
    -Wi-fi and 3G work. Dont have great 4G service so I cant comment on that part.
    -Downloading and installing apps is remarkably faster than on DK
    -Battery life has been outstanding compared to before. I have had 3G on when not in Wi-Fi all day and have my work email and gmail syncing. Phone is still above 30% and I pulled it off the charger around noon today (I work late so I sleep in...)
    -have had a few app FC's, but no more than on DK.
    -Phone calls sound better? Not sure if software can upgrade this or if it is my imagination...
    -Text messages send much faster, almost instantly, imagine that
    -NetFlix app works great on Wi-Fi and 3G(only had to buffer briefly at the beginning)
    -Love the CRT screen off mod. Makes me smile everytime I see it Ha
    -LED notifications have been off and on...I think. Mostly I have noticed they dont work, so maybe not at all...scratch that. Works for texts but not for emails.
    -When I cleared the defaults on Touchwiz I tried to launch the stock android launcher I get a spinning wheel and a notice that says please wait while we configure your phone and services or something like that. Anyone else getting this?
    -Overall very pleased i did this. Odin was a piece of cake, as was the entire process. Previous experience with Eris was ok, this was way easier. I enjoy my phone again.

    Thanks to everyone involved in getting this up. it made my day!
  16. dposcorp

    dposcorp Lurker

    First, thanks to all that worked on this. It is much appreciated.

    Used this for 24hours....besides the LED, my biggest issue is no GPS.
    It keeps search and never gets a lock, indoors, outdoors, etc...

    Anyone else have GPS issues? Anyone have a fix?
  17. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    This was well documented over at XDA. If you look towards the top of this page, you'll find the link to that page there where it was first released. I suggest heading there to find the fix.

    It is a leak though, so keep that in mind, and not everything will work the same way for everyone.

    Some people were able to flash a fix, while others had to Odin, get a lock, then flash without clearing data. Different fixes for different people.

    EE12 is 'probably' going to be the final release, but no one has a leak of it yet, so nothing is available for that one yet. Any bugs in EE03 should be ironed out in EE12 and then these awesome devs can work their magic and give us something worthwhile!!!
  18. edvan

    edvan Member

    I want to give this a try. I'm on EC05 rooted with CWM 2.5.1.

    Do I need to unroot thru Odin to stock EC05 or can i just flash CWM and then flash the Rom?
  19. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    All I did was flash 3.0.25, made a backup of my current ROM, flashed this ROM and extras. Booted up fine. Advanced restored data.
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  20. edvan

    edvan Member

    Thanx for the reply. Yea that's what I ended up doing. flashed, the rom, add ons and the modem.

    Everything seems to be working just fine. :)
  21. ACEinthehole

    ACEinthehole Member

    Is it me or is this ROM extremely slow? I know its not final, but my phone is lagging bad on this. Quadrant in the 500's... What did I do wrong? Followed installation to a T.
  22. Shalen

    Shalen Lurker

    Updated to EE03 and flashed the modem. Downloaded netflix apk online and I am able to login to netflix and pick the movie but unable to play the movie. Getting error my device is not supported. Did I do something wrong?
  23. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    Well for one, it's stock. It doesn't have a lot of the tweaks most custom ROMs do. For another, it's RFS, not EXT4 so that will slow it down quite a bit too.

    Think of it as being an out of the box Epic w/ Gingerbread, complete with bugs as it's a leak, not an official release.

    Another thing is ACS didn't make their ROMs to get good test scores, as that's not what makes a phone good on a day-to-day basis. Their ex-lead dev said many times he didn't give a rip about quadrant scores as they can easily be manipulated with no true positive effects on real world usage.
  24. moviemngr

    moviemngr Newbie

    Agree with other poster that Queadrant doesn't matter all that much, but I have been able to consistently get in the upper 900's. My phone has been running better than when it was brand new on 2.1. No noticeable lag since the switch.

    Have you tried doing a wipe and reflash to see if that helps? (I only ask because you didn't mention it in your post)
  25. moviemngr

    moviemngr Newbie

    When you say you downloaded the app online what do you mean exactly? I downloaded the file from the top of this thread and flashed it through recovery mode. It has been working great for me. If you haven't tried, then I think its worth a shot.

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