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Why spend the time removing the crapware and applying fixes when its already done for you.

This is nothing special. It doesn’t have a fancy name like SkyFroyo, Refrozen, or whatever. The build.prop doesn’t say by “insert name”.
This is just a rom I use for myself that I thought others may, or may not, enjoy.

There is not a question as to whether you should wipe before installing, just dooooooo it.

OTA leak must be installed prior to this rom if you want working camera and camcorder.

Changes from stock leaked Froyo version 2:

Market fixed!

32m vm heap by default.
Stock messaging app from Cyanogenmod. All credit to Cyanogen and team.
Removed stocks apk, and widget.
Removed footprints.
Removed lame Verizon drivers prompt when connected via USB.
Removed visual voice mail and all icons associated with it (including voicemail icon in app drawer).
Removed backup assistant (do not try to setup from setup wizard!).
Removed 3g hotspot (Included working wifi tether app).
Removed skype.
Removed my Verizon app.
Removed city ID properly.
Removed amazon mp3.
Busybox installed.
Superuser 2.2.2 installed.
Removed flash. Can be reinstalled from Market.

Differences from last tweaked version:
Newer build, nicer keyboard!
Working wifi tethering out of the box (ad-hoc only).
No flash installed (check hulu_install folder on your sd card:D)
Removed trackball wake (wasn't working consistently enough imo)
Removed Droid ringtones and notifications (will add a patch for those who want).


Droid ringtones and notification:

HTC Messaging app for those who want it (UPDATED):

3G Hotspot for those who may want it(UPDATED):

Visual Voice Mail(UPDATED):

Round battery bar with percentages:

HTC Footprints:

Verizon Backup Assistant:


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If you don't mind the Sprint stuff? The evo port. Not for any one reason. It just 'feels' better, if that makes sense.

Just my two cents.


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First day back to work after two weeks off.... I kinda want to stay up all night and flash this before I go to bed... Hope it posts within the next hour! :)


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you called? Lol... Are we going to have me flashing 3 times a day like back in the omnia days? I'm happy with your first leak rom.. But curiosity killed the cat


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weird issue with the first leak... I couldn't get the droid-life app to install.. with this leak it installs fine... no clue why it wouldn't before...
the nexus live wallpaper was a little choppy before now it seems much smoother...
1 quick question.. is there a system file I can backup via titanium that will setup my UI so I dont have to go through the process every time I flash an updated rom ? just wondering


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I dont know what the issue is with the first leak but I did a back up of the droidlife.apk and it wouldn't even install it ... only app that gave me a problem... I did a full system back up to get my UI to be the same... I'm going to do the processes that I guess it is til I get my ui back...


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I have no idea if this is related to this ROM, but finding my location in many different apps shows me in Westminster,UK. And I live in New England.


Weird issue for me. I click the download link and it takes me to 4shared website and counts down the seconds til the link is available. When its available I click the link and it downloads a 6.17kb file and its not.the rom. Lol. What am i doing wrong...?


my gmail isn't working for some reason, keep getting a force close... also do you have a apk for the visual voicemail? i tried your fix and its not installing for some reason

edit: nevermind, i cleared the data and it works fine now but its the older version with the reply at the bottom. wierd...


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umm am i the only one who does not get viberate with sounds when text messages come in? i have it checked in menu but i get only sounds.... or when im on viberate it does but i want both? has this always been the case and im just going crazy? or is it not working anymore?


Does anyone else's Quadrant score nosedive with this ROM? I got a 520 when I just did it & I have never gotten below a 1,100 for 2.2.