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[ROM] TheUltimateDroid 1.0.0 (FRG83) 1GHz

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by coled91, Oct 11, 2010.


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  1. cubstuff

    cubstuff Newbie

    Currently running UD 0.8. Normally have about 35 - 40 MB's of internal memory free. Downloaded UD 1.0, and am down to 7.5 MB's internal memory and have the "Low Phone Space" error. Not sure why UD 1.0 takes so much more internal memory, but have to go back to UD 0.8 for now. Too bad.

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  2. markc2

    markc2 Well-Known Member

    Did you wipe and format everything?
  3. Mine was doing the same thing. I went into settings/ultimate droid/modified apps/stock browser app. This fixed it for me.
  4. I'm having a problem updating my launcher pro. I don't know if it's related to this rom or not. I just thought I would check here since I am running this rom and it comes pre-installed on it. it keeps saying that the install is unsuccessful for version
  5. jdailey1981

    jdailey1981 Android Enthusiast

    I had the same thing, but otherwise, this rom rocks! Thanks for the help and posting an opem link.
  6. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member

    Make a nandroid backup of your current state ROM. Next, install adw.launcher from the market. Next, make a backup of your LP homescreens and settings. Then, use root explorer and navigate to system>app. Then click the mount rw button at the top of the screen. Next, find launcherpro.apk, longpress it, select delete. REBOOT YOUR PHONE (your changes will not take effect until you reboot!). Once your phone has rebooted, install LP from the market and open it. Then restore your homescreens and settings. Replace all your widgets and your good to go.

    Edit: I have done this and can verify that if you follow the steps mentioned above, this will work just fine.

    I am doing this right now and do not guarantee it will work! That is why you need to always make nandroid backups.

  7. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    I took the Black N Bold theme and changed the icons ... some are mine, some are borrowed from other themes of the past.
    I LOVE it!
    Don't hate me because it's beautiful. :p

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Attached Files:

  8. athack

    athack Newbie

    thanks worked perfectly... if i knew where the button was to thank u i would???
  9. hondaxtc

    hondaxtc Lurker

    nice Rom, mad props to you guys....horrible nightmare with UD8 install through rom manager and clockwordmod..

    however this one is great running 500/800hrz and my 3d launcher is flawless thanks I love the customizing you can do on these ultimatedroid roms.
    all I did was boot into recovery (clockworkmod) wiped delvich and regular cache and installed the zip off SD card....no hitches or glitches, very happy with how this came off with no hitch
  10. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member

    Glad it worked. It worked just as it's supposed to for me as well. I have had to do this multiple times with other system apps (gmail, maps, etc), but this is the first time I've done it with the launcher.

    The one thing I was somewhat worried about was that LP is the only launcher included this time around and if you don't have a launcher you're basically useless. Luckily, having ADW worked and all is well with the world again.

  11. guttyla

    guttyla Well-Known Member

    Launcher Pro update was unsuccesful...is that because it was part of UD1.0? How do I update? I did purchase it prior to UD 1.0.

    Any thoughts, guidance?
  12. JD3206

    JD3206 Lurker

    Read previous posts on this page :D
  13. jdailey1981

    jdailey1981 Android Enthusiast

    I agree:D It worked great for me
  14. guttyla

    guttyla Well-Known Member

    oops, thought I have read all, must have missed it in haste. Seems like a lot to do, but i'll try it. UD 1.0 has just started lagging...i am going to try a new kernel...anyone else having issues with lagging?
  15. nathan312

    nathan312 Android Enthusiast

    How do i update launcher pro with this? I see the update in my market, but when i try to "update" then it just says "installation failed". Is there anyway to do this since LP is the default launcher? Any help would be appreciated.
  16. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member

    Read this: http://androidforums.com/droid-roms/196710-rom-theultimatedroid-1-0-0-frg83-1ghz-5.html#post1770591

    There is a lot to do because if you simply delete the launcherpro.apk file, you will not have a launcher on your phone. This means you will not be able to access anything (and I actually think that you will get an error if you try to delete it if it's the only launcher present).

    The nandroid backup is something you should do before you modify or delete root files anyways.

    Making the LP backup is so you have less to do to set up your homescreens again.

    So, the only step this would truly be considered "extra" is installing a second launcher to use after you delete LP.

    nathan312 and guttyla like this.
  17. stmartin84

    stmartin84 Well-Known Member

    OK, so I've been running this rom for about 2 weeks. Perfect, fast, reliable. Love it. Question is I only have about 110mb of free space on the internal storage. Is that normal? How can I verify if this is ok, meaning normal? Should I move some more apps to the SD card? Which apps should I NOT move? Any advice would be appreciated.

  18. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member

    I only had about 25-30 MB of space on my internal storage for a while. I then moved all aps to SD (well most) and uninstalled a lot that I never use. Now I have a fairly consistent 95-100 MB space.

    I would say that is above normal and considering we only have 256MB to begin with, I would say you are doing quite well.

    stmartin84 likes this.
  19. jdailey1981

    jdailey1981 Android Enthusiast

    Where can I find google navigator?
  20. Dark_Wizard

    Dark_Wizard Lurker

    Hey guys. I'm new to this forum and flashing ROM's to Droids and have a few questions if you wouldn't mind answering. I am also running a Moto Droid G1.

    I just completed a Nandroid backup so I'm good to go there. I want to flash this ROM based on the great reviews in this thread and I would also like to run a faster kernel.

    1. What kernel would you suggest? (I would prefer the 1ghz).
    2. Do I flash the ROM first then do the kernel or vice-versa?
    3. I plan on backing up my apps using Titanium Backup but wanted to know if this ROM requires me to restore the apps?
    4. Themes, what is included as I see no pics in this thread? (I prefer Dark/Black themes).
    5. Anything else I may be missing?

    Thx for your time and am anxiously waiting so I can get started!


    Forgot to say I also have Rom Manager Pro....
  21. Dark_Wizard

    Dark_Wizard Lurker

    Hmmm, the site is down so I can't d/l the ROM?
  22. kratos

    kratos Back on my throne!!!
    VIP Member

    What site are you trying to DL it from?

  23. Dark_Wizard

    Dark_Wizard Lurker

    The link in the first post? Is it in Rom Manager Pro?
  24. gallandof

    gallandof Android Expert

    not currently in rom manager. if you dont get it I can email you the link or host a mirror later tonight. (around 9PM EST) Im currently running this and its been so smooth and fast all around, not to mention battery has been the best ive had. makes me wonder why I kept BB on my phone for as long as I did.
  25. heynorm03

    heynorm03 Lurker

    is anyone else's google goggles crashing under the crash report it says

    source file Selectorlmpl.java

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