Root [ROM][UB]**JellySlim211_FullPower**[Init.d+Tweaks perf]stable, fast, smooth


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I present the JellySlim211 the best compromise between Slimstock of Yakandu and eXistenZ niaboc79, while being based on firmeware211 ... Slim (359mo) it has all the ingredients of a great Sony ... the best sony has been maintained and improved ...


fluid, responsive, stable, economic (low energy) and customizable not need custom kernel it is great ...

Pre Requisite:
Unlock Bootload

6.2.B.0.211 of Doomlord
- Deodexed
- Zipaligned
- CWM root
- Init.d
- Tweaks perfs
- Tweaks speednet
- Bootanimation Sony Make Believe
- DoCoMo by niaboc79
- Sony Launcher by Ra3al fully customizable,with widgets...
- SMS/mms fully customizable, with pop up quick reply...
- Theme Xperia Z
- Wallpaper Xperia Xperia Z Zu
- Album Zu
- Photo camera with mod auto superior +
- XReality Engine
- PS dualshock 3, Small apps, Walkman, ect...
- Reboot function left yesterday by volume button
- Fix keyboard you will not have to wait...
- New lockscreen by Alex alias Black97One
- Advanced Volume Contr