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[ROM] Uncommon Sense (v1.1) Release!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by generous, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. generous

    generous Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The goal of Uncommon Sense is to provide a tastefully customized rom with an oem feel. The ROM's backbone is based off of the official froyo v3.21.605.1 build for the incredible. Packed with one-of-a-kind modifications and user experience enhancements, this may very well be the most unique sense rom for the incredible. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoyed making it.

    Download v1.1

    Change log attached to this thread.

    Rosie Remap Configuration Packs (Flash-over your existing uncommon install! Do not wipe.)
    - SkyFire Browser
    - xScope Browser
    - Dolphin HD Browser
    - MMS
    - Handcent
    - Google Voice
    - Google Talk
    - Gmail
    - HTC Mail
    - Camera
    - Music (yes the icon looks like a boob. i'm not a designer. feel free to submit an alternate icon to me.)

    - If you would like to see something added to the lineup, post up either the activity and package name or a logcat of you launching the application.

    It is normal for installation to fail when updating 'App Folders' as well as 'Adobe Flash Player'. Both of these apps have been modified and resigned INTENTIONALLY to prevent market updates. Turn off auto-update for these applications. I will update them in the rom when the updates have been tested and are ready to go.

    10-01-10 - Uncommon Sense v1.0 has just hit 6000 downloads! Unbelievable!
    09-27-10 - Uncommon Sense has just made the front page of Android Central! Another XDA project well done. Check it out here!

    Screen Shots: (click for larger image)

    - Modded super app drawer with folder organization, powered by App Folders
    - 6 bar signal meter on 100% incredible framework
    - Sexy Rosie bar mod
    - Modded media scanner for EMMC support in vanilla media apps
    - Reboot options via long power button press (normal, recovery, bootloader)
    - Smooth Sense status bar icon mod
    - Vanilla lock screen with music controls
    - Semi Transparent Notification Bar
    - Modded flash player with hulu support
    - Modded snappy screen transitions
    - Trackpad Wake-up
    - Zegoe font pack
    - Busybox installer
    - Latest google apps
    - Pre-9 Wireless Tether
    - DSP Manager (working EQ)
    - Hulu webkit application
    - Modded vanilla music application (music mod)
    - HTC Clock widgets modded to launch vanilla desk clock on tap
    - Modded EVO camera app
    - Google Car Panel app
    - Themed HTC and Google widgets
    - Custom boot animation
    - Latest Superuser and Busybox
    - Latest ROM Manager
    - Devil voice fix
    - Stagefright disabled over HTTP
    - Modded Boot.img for usb-debugging by default
    - Deodexed, zipaligned, and png optimized

    - Clockwordmod Recovery
    - Radio 2.x
    - A Full Wipe!

    - ihtfp69***
    - aiccucs***
    - rmk
    - koush
    - cyanogen
    - jercik
    - snq
    - luniz7
    - borgey
    - thatdudebutch
    - sgt-d


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  2. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    This is awesome congrats on getting a v1.0 release out! I played with your beta for quite a while and am loving what you have done. After playing with MIUI this week Uncommon will be my next flash I look forward. Great work!
  3. billybob275

    billybob275 Well-Known Member

    Looks great, probably going to try it out later this week. Just curious, does this use the stock Sense Dialer or a different one?
  4. RootDaDuck

    RootDaDuck Newbie

    Sense dialer.

    However I'm having problems with flash and hulu. hulu wont work and flash is not installed. It fails when I try to install flash from the market.
  5. danglr09

    danglr09 Well-Known Member

    are there any bugs at all with this rom? Im trying to just find a rom that will give me 0 probs. my current rom doesnt mount emmc and mms doesnt work and the data connection only works right after a reboot. it shuts off after a few hours.. would this rom give me any of those problems? please say no im tired of problems with roms.. :(
  6. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    What rom are you presently running? The most stable sense roms I've used where everything just works and works well are virtuous and skyraider and UncomSense. But even these have a few small bugs. Heck even stock froyo has more bugs then these :D
  7. danglr09

    danglr09 Well-Known Member

    im running a rom called backhawk. an evo port of CM6.
    Does this rom have fully working mms and data connection?
  8. generous

    generous Newbie
    Thread Starter

    This has been tested EXTENSIVELY. Did you perform a full data wipe prior to flashing this rom? Restoring ANY old flash data would cause the hulu issue you are reporting. Let me know. I have had hundreds of beta testers run hulu without issue, provided you followed the wipe instruction.

    And yes, the flash update through the market WILL fail, because the flash baked in this rom is modified and using different signatures. This is intentional, to ensure that an adobe flash push won't break your ability to enjoy hulu on your phone. :p

    Hope we can get this worked out for you! :)
  9. generous

    generous Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Everything works here. It has been in beta since mid august.
  10. danglr09

    danglr09 Well-Known Member

    really? great im flashing right now :)) i cant wait to not have any problems with anything. thanks
  11. dscribe

    dscribe Android Expert

    Flash 10.1 from market is not installing successfully but I'm doing a titanium restore now so I will report back what I find.

    EDIT: Nevermind. Woulda' helped if I'd read the whole thread. DOH! (Again) :p
  12. jdposhkus

    jdposhkus Newbie

    I am flashing this as we speak...
    This is a bit off topic, but is it a bad idea to restore apps and data with Ti Backup after a Rom install?
    Should I just restore missing apps with data but not system data?
  13. jdposhkus

    jdposhkus Newbie

    It is periodically flashing at the Uncommon sense boot screen, but NOT going back to the HTC Incredible white screen. Is this a bootloop? We are approaching 10 minutes...DOH!
  14. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    Did you do a FULL WIPE including wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache? I do this every time no matter what anyone else tells me and I have a perfect track record :D

    As for restoring Titanium backups yea I would only install your user apps (that you dnld'd from market) and the data within. This does NOT include flash. Take it slow play with it some before you do a Titanium restore to see how it is all working
  15. jdposhkus

    jdposhkus Newbie

    cache and data not dalvik...Reverting to a nandroid now. :(
    It was really stuck.
    Ill try Uncommon again tomorrow.
  16. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    Since your coming from a different ROM and a different kernel I think to wipe dalvik is always a good idea. gl tomorrow let us know how it goes!
  17. dscribe

    dscribe Android Expert

    I thought I had read on here somewhere that when you do a cache and data wipe, the dalvik cache gets deleted also.
  18. jbdan

    jbdan Extreme Android User

    I think you are correct. I have read that on more than one occasion. I do it anyways just to make sure. Some peeps wipe 2 or 3 times just to be sure before loading a new kernel/rom :D
  19. generous

    generous Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Due to the heavy modifications I made to the htc sense framework, you should wipe data, cache, dalvik cache, anything that could be in your /data/ folder. Any existing items left behind could cause GUID or signature mismatches, and could potentially give you stability issues.

    Easiest way to do this:
    - If flashing through rom manager, once the rom has been downloaded and is ready to install, you should tap the 'wipe data' checkbox. (also backup current rom if you would like)

    - If flashing directly through clockworkmod, select 'wipe data/factory reset' before flashing my zip.

    Hope this helps.
  20. jdposhkus

    jdposhkus Newbie

    After my restore, I tried again, this time no bootloop. This is a very nice rom.
    It is funny to see all of the mods I applied to SkyRaider are native in this rom. The only feature not on this rom that I had put on SR is the Smooth Sense circle battery, which caused me a bootloop. FYI to those who try to flash that Mod!!
    Any suggestions on a custom kernel for this badboy?

    Thanks and to the Devs, Keep the hits coming!!!

  21. jdposhkus

    jdposhkus Newbie

    Cant install angry birds...My 5 year old will be crushed...
  22. generous

    generous Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just installed this fine from the market. Did you do a full wipe before flashing?
  23. jdposhkus

    jdposhkus Newbie

    Yes. I did a backup and full wipe from within RM prior to flashing.
  24. cuban11182

    cuban11182 Android Enthusiast

    Dumb question can you uninstall apps that aren't needed, IE Peep, Facebook, Stocks etc.
  25. yojoe600

    yojoe600 Android Expert

    ^ yes.... and i love this rom been using it since beta stages

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