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ROM Update for Orange UK

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MR_COATES, Jun 1, 2010.


    MR_COATES Well-Known Member
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  2. WilfMoralee

    WilfMoralee Well-Known Member

    What's new in the update?
  3. WilfMoralee

    WilfMoralee Well-Known Member

    Also, does anybody know of a way of doing this without windows? I'm using Linux, and on my HTC Diamond you just changed the image name to DIAMIMG, then copied to SD card root.

    Can something similar be done on Tattoo?
  4. symond

    symond Member

    i cant update mine its says not compatible

    i guess mine is from honkong soo i might have to wait any news abt global realising?
  5. Yeah it would have been nice of HTC to actually give us some information about this update.

    This update is to android version

    I have no information as to what this file actually fixes as Ive not managed to do it yet. Im a bit annoyed that its not 2.0 or better. And not sure Im even gonna bother as I doubt it actually fixes any of the phones issues.

    MR_COATES Well-Known Member
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    I did state it was for UK Orange phones (i.e. it needs to have come from Orange, not an unlocked phone with an Orange sim in it).

    Depending on what the update is, a global update should follow but then it could just be specific to Orange.
  7. hetomlinson

    hetomlinson Newbie

    I have contacted HTC about the update and they say that it is just a bug fix to provide a smoother ROM. If you are not having problems they say that you do not need to update. There are no new features

    This is not an update to a newer version then which is a real shame. Until I get reports from others that it is worth the hassle of backing up and reloading everything I will probably give it a miss.

    Hope this helps others to decide whether to apply the update.

  8. hetomlinson

    hetomlinson Newbie

    I have just received some more info on the update.

    'The fixes include connection problems to the network, touch functions on the device and the response should be improved overall.'

    Considering how often I have problems with connecting to the android market I think that I am going to take the time to install the update. Now I just have to work out the best way to backup everything so it is easier to reinstall.
  9. Im having some trouble getting this update to install... Every time I try it it says the phone is not plugged in on USB... it is..???

    Any advice?

    Do you need adb.exe on your machine or the USB device driver or what mode you need to set the phone in for connecting via usb, or how to stop it attempting to sync when connected?
  10. WilfMoralee

    WilfMoralee Well-Known Member

    As a heads up the Market was fine on my old ROM but is MUCH MUCH slower on this one. Everything else works great though.

    For the not connecting problem InvisibleMartin are you using Windows 7? Just I was having that problem, tried it on vista and worked perfectly first time. Windows 7 is not on the compatible OS list for the update.
  11. samski

    samski Newbie

    will this wipe all my installed stuff or will my market account somehow remember for me?
  12. hetomlinson

    hetomlinson Newbie

    Okay I have now installed the update and I thought that I would share my experiences as it will answer a few questions that have appeared here.

    The actual install did not take long but the prep really did. First just to confirm this update will completely wipe your phones memory so you will lose all info on it. So the first thing to do is back everything up. I did this in a number of ways.

    First as I have Wave secure I used this to copy SMS messages and call history.
    I then used Astro app to copy all apps to my SD card to save time on reinstalling them.
    All my contacts are on google so I did not have to worry about this.

    I then connected my phone to the computer and copied everything on it.
    One step I missed that I recommend everyone do is go through each app and make sure that all info is backed up. Most apps allow you to backup to the SD card or to an online site. I am now missing some info that has really annoyed me but has shown me again that I need to do this on a regular basis so that I am not in this situation again.

    I then disconnected the phone and removed the SD card. I did this as I read somewhere that sometimes updates wipe the SD card as well and I did not want to take the risk.

    Then it was onto installing the update. This is where I had the main problem. I have Windows Vista and I am always having problems with HTC Sync and this time was no different. I had to uninstall and reinstall the latest version. This is what you have to do if the computer is not recognizing the phone, maybe combined with a power down and up on the phone.

    Make sure that you do all the stuff the download required such as turning off the lock screen etc.

    When I got the green thing lit the rest was really easy. In total downloading the program onto the computer and reloading the phone took less than the expected 10 minutes.

    Then it was just the less than fun task of adding everything back onto the phone. Oh and remembering to put the SD card back in.

    Once I had installed Astro from the market all I had to do was transfer all the apps from the SD card to the phone. I used this to be selective about what I transferred back to save some space. I then downloaded my SMS back. All my contacts are on google so once my account was linked this was all back.

    So was it worth all that. So far except for losing some info yes.
    It takes slightly longer for the market to go to my downloads but the installing of new apps and updates are much faster. The phone and touch screen also seems much more responsive. Not sure how much of that is wishful thinking, a new start on the phone or the bug fixes working. Probably a combo. It has also given me experience of doing this so I know what not to do next time.

    How have others found the update. Has it been worth the hassle of reprogramming your phone?
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  13. samski

    samski Newbie

    thanks for that dude

    what is this Wave secure?

    have they got rid of texting problem where if you type in two letters and then delete one then press space, you get "null". that gets on my nerves and normally leads to a force close :(

    are my pictures on my sd card already then?
  14. hetomlinson

    hetomlinson Newbie

    Wave secure is a security app. Prevents another SIM from being put in your phone and allows you to remotely wipe all info from your phone via text message. It also allows you to backup contacts, SMS and call logs and media.

    I am not sure about the texting problems you have had as I have never had that problem. I tried just now following your description on both the stock app and handcent and did not find any problems. What app are you using? Have you tried another such as handcent?

    All photos, music, videos are on your SD card. I would recommend backing this up by copying the contents of your SD card to your computer or removing your SD card before installing the update just to be sure.

    Just because you pictures are backed up does not mean that all info is though. Make sure you go through and back up each app individually. I lost info on a fiance app. I could have backed this up on the app website but forgot. This is just an example of things to remember before doing an install.

    Hope this helps
  15. hetomlinson

    hetomlinson Newbie

    All you info will be wiped but if you register with the same gmail account the market will remember which app you have paid for so you will not have to pay for them again.
  16. samski

    samski Newbie

    thanks again. so will it auto download them? or atleast put them in a list so i can just click through them installing them? im not too concerned about data in my apps, its a new phone and i dont do finance or anything

    using handcent. once i backspace back to one letter, the predictive menu disappears and then if i press space i get left with null. does this on the default sms and handcent sms. my android has all sorts of problems, eg i cant save contacts properly :( think/hope a rom upgrade my shake it straight.
  17. hetomlinson

    hetomlinson Newbie

    I am not sure what information will be remember by the market as I had stored them on my SD card. It will not auto download them though. If you are coming from another android phone I would recommend using astro file manager to copy all apps to your SD card and then use this card in your new phone. Then the only app you have download is astro and then transfer the rest.

    The only other option I can think of is to use appbrain website to build the list that you want - then download the app onto your phone and the app will access the list you have created and you can download the apps that way. If you get the app before the ROM install then the app will create the list for you and the onlny app you will need to find on the market is appbrain.

    Good luck
  18. domb

    domb Newbie

    i have done the update to my phone did not take that long to do, at first i thought it was not going to even come back on but it did. I have noticed that it has started to run smoother than before and seems to have sped the phone up. So all seems good just got to get all my apps back now :) hope andriod 2 will come to tattoo soon.
  19. RSJ

    RSJ Lurker

    I take it this update is still fully orange-branded? No Google Talk or Gmail?
  20. domb

    domb Newbie

    yeah it is just for orange at the moment.
  21. FelixofMars

    FelixofMars Well-Known Member

    You can manually download the APK for Gtalk at least and use Astro to install it. I did this for my Orange locked Desire.
  22. Huw

    Huw Member

    I performed the update a few days ago and I'm really not seeing any differences at all. The phone is certainly not any more responsive, at least not for me.

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