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[ROM][Update] Freedom_v1.1 Supersonic ROM

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sakib, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello Everyone ! :)

    This is my First Custom ROM :smokingsomb:
    And The Best (maybe)

    Welcome To Freedom !!


    The Best Feature and the Eye caching thing is that it is Based on CM7 , I means it is based on LeWa , Hopefully We Guess that LeWa is CM7 :D

    Enough Talking :3


    - Huge performance Boost
    - Full ICS 4.0 Style Window Animations Added
    - Pre-rooted
    - No Error's in Root Permissions
    - Busybox installed
    - Graphics Performance BOOST
    - Cyan Over-scroll
    - Fully Transparent Status Bar
    - ADW Launcher as default launcher
    - Lock Screen Supports Music Player
    - Added build.prop tweaks to improve sensitivity and video quality,
    - Added Supercharger script
    - Added RAM script
    - Forced Launcher into RAM memory
    - Enable hardware acceleration
    - GPU rendering enabled
    - Improved Network Signal And wifi Signal by new baseband version
    - Added third party aplication
    - Link2SD and Data2ext script Added
    - A Lot of Build.pro Tweaks
    - Kernel Tweaks
    - Internet Speed Tweaks
    - ICS Gallery
    - ICS themed Status Bar

    - Spacial features -

    - Beats Audio
    - Everything From Status Bar Calling UI can be changed by Downloading themes !
    - A2SD Enabled
    - Mountscript Added
    - SuperSU instead of Superuser (has better detection)

    And Many More .......

    Screenshot of The Antutu Benchmark of this Rom - 3934 :D


    Screenshots -


    Download Link And Credits on 2nd Post ,
    FAQ and other Solutions on 3rd Post !

    And Don't forget to hit The Thanks Button If You like My Work !! :)

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  2. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Note* read this First !!
    I am Not Responsible If you Turn Your Phone into a Brick
    Or Get fired because of the Alarm APP Failed !
    ROM Download Link-


    *Replaced The Music player
    *Removed Beats
    *Fixed The Camera FC*
    *Added RAM Manager !
    *Now make Multitasking Your Choice ! :D
    Just choose how you want to use your Phone In Ram Manager !

    Download Link - Freedom_v.1.1.zip


    If you are using the Gionee Firmwere with 233MB Internal memory the See this First !
    Downlaod and Flash all the A75 Files again before doing this !!
    *Instructions !
    1.Download The ROM https://www.dropbox.com/s/3zcr8b0tnq2j1i7/FreeDom_v1@Gamer.zip
    2.Copy it to your SD Card
    3.Power Off phone and Go to the CWM recovery ,
    4.Wipe Data factory,
    5.Wipe Cache pertition
    6.Wipe Battery Cache
    7.Wipe Dalvic Cache
    8.Install zip from SD card
    9.Choose Zip from SD
    10.Select the Zip you downloaded
    11.Wait for it to be done and Finally Reboot the Phone !

    Enjoy !! :D
    Optional Downloads !!

    The ADW backup for the Current Layout I Have !
    Link - https://www.dropbox.com/s/nlp5my3bquoihk8/adw_ex_adwbackup_1357023981858.zip

    Download the ZIp and extract the contants in SD/ADW_Backups
    And Open ADW Launcher>ADWSettings>System>Backup and Restore>Restore ! and Select the file ! ;)

    MTK CPU Control -
    For Overclocking Your CPU !

    Most Importantly , The Credits !!
    *saivignesh for the Base ROM
    *GTA for Making the Tutorial on How to make a ROM
    *rainwalker for teaching me how to work around all this
  3. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter


    OMG !! Everything is in Chinese !!
    Press Options ,
    Slide to the 3rd tab,

    And You and Done :D

    No Network ! :/
    Flash This Baseband again ! http://www.mediafire.com/?5o06mdxs9k76twr
    Credits to saivignesh
  4. Rohid420

    Rohid420 Newbie

  5. jana7418

    jana7418 Member

    i Too Waiting
  6. pdc_romeo

    pdc_romeo Lurker

    Hope rotating problem with the camera is fix...
  7. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Links Coming Tomorrow, No Sorry, Yet No one is able to fix the 90' Camera Rotation! :thinking:
  8. jana7418

    jana7418 Member

    I Think You Are Telling About The Front Cam 90 Deg Bug
    For me Cam..working Nice Man..Im Using ICS Rom By Himanshu
    He Too Said Their Is A Camera BUG ... But It Is Working Nice...
    Please Upload The Links.. I Will Make A Try On Your ROM
    Can You ???
  9. svkdroid

    svkdroid Guest

    boss, filegulo kobe upload hobe? ei rom ki symphony w50 te cholbe? ami tomar 233 mb rom ta use korchi..awesome...
  10. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yup , It will work for Symphony W50 ! ;)

    And Uplaoding the ROM now ! ;)
  11. Rohid420

    Rohid420 Newbie

  12. Rohid420

    Rohid420 Newbie

    Link.....Doesn't work......
    Nothing Here
    The file you are looking for has been deleted or moved.
  13. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  14. Rohid420

    Rohid420 Newbie

    Got it.......Downloading.....
  15. drdogautam

    drdogautam Android Enthusiast

    nothing there in ur link...

    Nothing Here

    The file you are looking for has been deleted or moved.

    check again.
  16. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  17. RD07

    RD07 Well-Known Member

    dude the UI is in chinese .!!
  18. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    It Becomes Default for Some People !! Check the 3rd Post ! IN FAQ's !
  19. falesh

    falesh Android Enthusiast

    u reduced the font icon size ? :/
    its hard to read textts in a hurry :p
  20. RD07

    RD07 Well-Known Member

    nice experience using this rom.>!! really impressive performance..
    i just need to ask that i can't find mtk cpu overclock in the rom .. but when i try to download from play store it says that i already have installed it??
  21. falesh

    falesh Android Enthusiast

    So Far so gud !
    man u r a quick learner !
    first of all 10/10 fr presentation !
    kept a note of even the smallest thing ! :)
    n except the small size of icons n fonts ! rest assured the rom is gud :)
    though the wifi icon frm d status bar has some issues bt will fix dem on my own :)
    Sakib likes this.
  22. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thank You !!
    btw if you want to increase the text size then just increase the DPI using LCD Density Changer or From Build.prop !
  23. RD07

    RD07 Well-Known Member

    one more thing the camera app is force closing ... plz some1 confirm that is it for me only or u are also facing the issue..
  24. Sakib

    Sakib Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  25. miscos

    miscos Newbie

    Just installing ..

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