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[ROM][WIP][4.1.2] Fusion JB, the new version of Atrium.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zjones, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. zjones

    zjones Member
    Thread Starter

    WIP. Includes features such as:
    -New boot animation (Startup and Shutdown)
    -Obviously Rooted and Deodexed
    -Possibly some CM themes?
    -Removed Touchwiz Bloatware
    -Added Android 4.3 Camera
    -Most other features from Atrium

    The Quickest Ways to Get Support for this ROM (not Atrium) are:
    -Shoot a Tweet (http://twitter.com/FusionJBROM)
    -Post on the Facebook Page (http://thzj.tk/14mEJT8)
    -Email FusionJBROM @ gmail.com
    I'll usually respond to these faster than a PM.​


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  2. Screenshots my dude? I'm still stock right now haven't rooted because or anything because I haven't really seen any roms I'm truly interested in. This sounds promising though
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  3. zjones

    zjones Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes, I am working on those now.
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  4. siyangqiu

    siyangqiu Well-Known Member

    The biggest things I'm interested in its working GPS and lack of crashes which Jellybean seems to have a lot of with the update Samsung gave us.
  5. ssulb

    ssulb Newbie

    I'm using the Deodexed JB ZJones rom right now and the GPS works perfectly fine so I don't think it's a problem with JellyBean itself. I can't wait to try out this Fusion JB rom. It sounds promising. I wish there was a pure stock Android rom for the Samsung Reverb. I really hate all the TouchWiz stuff and theming.
  6. zjones

    zjones Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm working on investigating the causes of these issues now. My device never had these issues.
  7. zjones

    zjones Member
    Thread Starter

    I am actually working on trying to get this ROM as stock as I can, and probably a stock theme will be included.
  8. magnux

    magnux Member

    Can anyone confirm/deny if MMS and GPS are working for this ROM?

    For some reason, a lot of the custom ROMs for JB either have broken MMS, broken GPS, or both. I would really like to move on to JB, but those issues keep me on ICS.
  9. ssulb

    ssulb Newbie

    Well in my case I had the best luck with the Deodexed JB ZJones rom which I'm using right now. All the other JellyBean roms had the GPS problem but not the MMS problem. What is actually the mms problem you are talking about? Is it not sending or is it making new threads? I haven't tried the stock Jellybean rom so I don't know if these problems exist in that rom. By the way, thanks zjones! Can't wait to try this rom and give you feedback.
  10. magnux

    magnux Member

    MMS won't send and receive.

    They don't exist as problems in stock JB. Stock JB is very choppy on the reverb. Lots of freezing and force restarting. Look at the general forum and you will quickly see.
  11. ssulb

    ssulb Newbie

    Yeah I must agree with you that just the JellyBean update overall for the reverb is pretty choppy and glitchy even on the Deodexed JB ZJones rom. I had experienced many situations where the touch screen became unresponsive and I needed to pull out the battery. But I hadn't had any MMS issues.
  12. magnux

    magnux Member

    Stock JB has no MMS or GPS issues.

    I'm talking about custom ROMs, specifically this ROM, Atrium JB. I want to know if MMS and GPS work on Atrium JB.
  13. ssulb

    ssulb Newbie

    Oh on Atrium JB Rom I've had freezing issues and MMS issues but I didn't try the GPS on it. I wouldn't recommend using it at the moment. We are just going to have to wait and see what this Fusion JB rom has to offer.
  14. magnux

    magnux Member

    Sorry I meant fusion JB.

    Anyone know if MMS and GPS I working on fusion JB before I download it?
  15. ssulb

    ssulb Newbie

    Well the Fusion JB rom isn't out yet I believe. There isn't a download link anywhere. We don't know yet if these features are going to work with the Fusion JB rom but I hope they do. We need to hear from the creator himself, Zjones, when he starts working on it.
  16. Hey z jones idk if you're open to suggestions but if this rom is gonna be pretty stock you think you could add some of the new jellybean wallpapers and possibly the 4.2 stock camera it all looks so sweet on the play store htc one and s4
  17. magnux

    magnux Member

    When he created this thread he had download links.. He must have removed them for some reason.
  18. ssulb

    ssulb Newbie

    I don't know I guess.
  19. sanjuro77

    sanjuro77 Android Enthusiast

    I seem to recall in a different thread that he mentioned he was busier than normal, and as such was unable to provide adequate support for his ROM.
    So maybe he figured it was better to not offer a ROM he couldn't provide support for? And that is purely speculation on my part

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