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[ROM][WIP] CyanogenMod 7 | Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) | Current Version: 09122011

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by isaacj87, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. yanngin

    yanngin Member

    im trying to install cm7 i dowloaded the file from the guide here i followed everything right and then i get stuckk on the screen with {ascend] then m860 on the side to the right the screen is black adn red on top and there is the android robot on the bottom left side

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  2. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Android Expert

    did you load CM7 first, then GAPPS second?
  3. yanngin

    yanngin Member

    yes i did thattt and what happens when yu formatt your sd?
  4. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Android Expert

    you will lose all data that you have in the card itself...
  5. yanngin

    yanngin Member

    on the guide it said to format for some reason so the OS cm7 was deleted so now its not running? you have link to a back can put on the sd?
  6. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Android Expert

    CM7-Ascend-BobZ - Prepaid Android
  7. yanngin

    yanngin Member

  8. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Android Expert

    did you flash back to stock? if you are, have to do backup again,& start the process again.
  9. yanngin

    yanngin Member

    i need a backup tto dowload and put on the sd bc i formated it and everything was erasedd so i need a rom back to load up on CMW and then try to flash CM7
  10. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Android Expert

    its in Bobs Prepaid, everything you need to load is there. CWM, CM7, GAPPS, & MetrOff. here is instructions that NuttMeg has follow them & you should be alright. http://androidforums.com/ascend-all-things-root/304965-rom-easy-cm7-installation.html
  11. yanngin

    yanngin Member

  12. yanngin

    yanngin Member

    its been over 20 mins and still stuck at the screen took battery outt and it goes right back to it after huawei logo
  13. BobZhome

    BobZhome Android Enthusiast

    If your stuck at the red/black ascend M860 screen that means you have a lazy ascend.
    Download CM7.1RC1-Ascend-BobZ672-070811.zip to your computer and move it to your sd card. Then insert sd card into phone and hold Volume up & Call buttons and hit the power button to boot into recovery. Then do what the guide says to wipe & format, then install the file you put on your sd card.

    Good luck!
  14. rmoreaux1

    rmoreaux1 Newbie

    Question about what version I am running. I downloaded and installed Pg's version of CM7 and I know I installed this version. When I check what version is on my phone through the about phone tab it says, it is version 5122011. Why is this, I know I installed the 06242011 version. Just wondering.

    By the way I love this version.
  15. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Extreme Android User

    you might have had that 0512 on your sdcard a flash the wrong one, delete all the old ones on your sdcard and move new ones on there.
  16. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Android Expert

    i'm having the same thing, i loaded the latest Bob's version went on about phone & see on Mod version saying CM7 0514. i had PG's 0618 before Bob's.
  17. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Extreme Android User

    mines say 07082011, download fresh files and delete the old ones of your sdcard.

    intrdrgn likes this.
  18. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    +1 Didn't have any backup except Bob Zhome's 07012011 CM7 build & it showed as CM7 0514,even though I was running 07012011.
  19. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Android Expert

    thanx Nut, i flashed back, formated my card reinstall CM7 & now it shows right. your da man!
  20. Acid burns

    Acid burns Member

    I just flashed tha new bob cm7 07082011 all seemed well until i hooked my phone up to my desktop now it doesnt wanna read my phone sumtymes it works and sumtymes it dont any idea's whats going on?And by tha way ive never had this problem before after flashing a new rom til now!


    hey everyone. i Currently have(MetroPCS) Huawei ascend with CM7 latest build installed. which is 06242011 i believe. and i have a few problems i need to get fixed. 1) i Always receive Double texts messages
    and 2) i cant receive or send MMS. and its weird cuz sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. just 4 days ago it was working flawless. but Currently i cant send or receive MMS. well i do Receive MMS but when i push the download button it just says downloading and it never finishes. SO please please Help me fix this Asap im trying to send and receive some pics with my girl haha ;)
    Thanks! love yall. its 11pm currently PST.
    get at me asap thank you :DDD
  22. spyder

    spyder Well-Known Member

    Hey Playful, haven't talked in a little while. First I just want to say. Later today, I am leaving for the Caribbean (Turks and Caicos), so I won't be able to reply for a week, but wanted to get this out there, and we can talk when I get back.

    Second, this post is a off topic a bit, but I wanted to respond to this and then we can either move to private, email, or best probably a new thread.

    OK, just to let you know, as I had promised a bit ago, I do want to help out on this end and just to comment on what you said, I have basically one simple question.

    First though. I (Using my Windows7 Laptop, I have a strictly Ubuntu one also, into that in a sec). But on the Win7 one, since it's my daily. I have Eclipse installed, the Full Blown Flash SDK, With that the full Android SDK (Including most all samples/tutorials, etc), all the platforms for the seperate SDK's (just grabbed all to be able to test on any platform, plus I have the Google API's in there for the ride.

    So, my full blown Android Virtual Device, etc. is all set up. And I think I'm fully stacked for development and debugging.

    Now the question I refered to earlier. I had a feeling from the begining, this should be being done on my Linux machine.

    Based on what I outlined I have all set up (I did create a few simple apps just to confirm it's all meshing together, debugged in most of the AVD's).

    Could you let me know, Advantages or "Helpfulness" of doing all this on my Linux machine, before I get to far on the Win machine and don't wanct to change, after having this all stacked up, moving over would be a pain, now I could easily put it on the Linux machine.


    PS: Reason for the Ubuntu machine now was originally to run a VPN in the house, Using 2 Routers (a non-wireless LINKSYS flashed to handle the VPN, wireless router underneath it, along with the full VPN, to grab stuff from a 1TB drive also on the network, cool setup if I can get it running-NOT YET...LOL)

    So, really all I'm asking, could have made this really short, are all those development tools better off on the Linux machine in Linux format?

    AGAIN -SORRY TO THE OP for the drifting off topic, Playful. I'll be back in a week. Feel free to reply to spyder5157@gmail.com (To leave the thread on topic).

    To refer back to the topic: I am still running 0514, governor set at performance, CPU to 748MHz. Running like a champ.

    Using Antutu Benchmark (if you benchmark use this one, so our numbers are standardized), my score is mid-900's (out of Ascends world wide I am #4-5, and 15-20 below me), so it's a pretty good score/speed/etc.

    Take care all. As I said, I will be away on Vaca, so If I don't respond to anyone for a week, that is why, no blowing off or anything...Talk soon.

    Gmash likes this.
  23. spyder

    spyder Well-Known Member

    1st I'm gettting anxious...I'm used to flashing a ROM every week or two...lol, time for some change and play.

    Kolio...Alot talking about it, but since you and I talk the most, I figured this was the best worded one for me to reply.

    ALOT of talk about this BobZ ROM !!! I know you went back to 0514 about when I did, and am having very good luck with it (couple SMALL glitches here and there)

    Question: Is this BobZ ROM what it's really looking like - A good solid build?

    Any chance your could run that Antutu Benchmark and let me know how it's testing out.
    Or do you think it's worth just giving a shot? What's the max overclock? Also, are all the Governers Isaac had on there, I'm guessing it's a build off of that or Playful's last?

    As I mentioned a few times above/below I don't know??? I am going on Vaca for a week so, don't be surprised if I'm invisible for a week, I'll be down in the Caribbean (Turks and Caicos), and not back till next week sometime.

    So, I'm not blowing anything off, just taking a break. I AM taking my PC, BUT, going to try and let it sit....maybe TRY and hit a few emails, but I'm not sure of my internet connectivity there...

    SO, worst case tty next week...THANKS, JEFF
  24. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Extreme Android User

    yes i can confirm that bobz and pg are good builds, i just left from isaac 0521 build to 0708 and its good, plus it has a different mac addy just in case you have 2 ascend that's trying to connect to the same wireless spot.
  25. BobZhome

    BobZhome Android Enthusiast

    Yes, I broken USB mounting with my lastest kernel...will be fixed with this weekends build.

    Note: In the mine time....try wifi file explorer https://market.android.com/details?id=com.dooblou.WiFiFileExplorer&feature=search_result it will let you transfer file to your phone.
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