Root ROM?


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So which ROM are you running on your SGT2? Well I have the AOKP Milestone 6 ROM flashed and I have to say its a really nice ROM, and it already comes overclocked to 1.2 GHz too.


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Cyanogen Mod 10 Nightly build on one Tab and CM9 on the other.

Both of them silky smooth and far superior to the stock rom.


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I'm not sure which rom to run. I've got the P3113 and from all the ROM reading I've done, there are things that aren't working and you have to do SO much reading just to find the relevant post. Some say BT doesn't work for the mic; others say it's working.

My tab is stock as we speak. I'd love for it to have JB but I'd need a VERY stable JB rom where everything works 100%.


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Right now I am using the Team Baked Jelly Bean ROM with a custom AOKP kernel. I have my tab oc'd to 1.42 GHz atm. I can go as high as 1.52 GHz with this particular kernel.