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Root and 2.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mdroid20, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. mdroid20

    mdroid20 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Simple question that i cant seem to find the answer to. I know on the D1, the answer to my question would be yes, but on the DX when 2.2 drops OTA, will DLing it drop root? and once 2.2 is on, will we be able to "re-root".

    I know there are loopholes in 2.1 that allow root, but i wasn't sure if 2.2 had similar things going on.

    Reason i ask is because at minimum i want 2.2 on my DX b4 i keep it activated (right now i'm tethering it off my D1 for things i want to use it for). I know the pete's of the world are working on things, but i was just wondering. Thanks

  2. pattielipp

    pattielipp Newbie

    Make the search button your best friend. This has been spoken about many times


    That is just one of the many

    Look up "pdanet"
    Free tethering without root
  3. PerCompLLC

    PerCompLLC Android Enthusiast

    Since 2.2 hasn't dropped yet, nobody knows for sure... That said, many suspect that the 2.2 OTA will close the vulnerability that was used to gain root.
  4. D13

    D13 Android Expert

    Actually case closed

  5. PerCompLLC

    PerCompLLC Android Enthusiast

    Nice! I hadn't seen that... Thanks! :D
  6. mdroid20

    mdroid20 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    boom, roasted
  7. PerCompLLC

    PerCompLLC Android Enthusiast

  8. D13

    D13 Android Expert

  9. Travisimo

    Travisimo Android Enthusiast

    With 2.2 so close to release, I'm debating whether to root now or just wait until after 2.2? If I root now, then there may potentially be problems updating to 2.2 once the OTA update hits. But if I wait until 2.2 updates first and THEN root, I'm thinking I'll be better off because it'll be a long time before another official update release.

    If we knew for sure what's going to happen to current rooters when the 2.2 OTA update hits, then I might consider doing it now.

    Actually, I'm not even sure I *want* the 2.2 update! There's an audio streaming bug with Froyo that Google is patching, but haven't heard whether this will be included in the Droid X's 2.2 update? There are also a couple of other bugs that are introduced with Froyo, and the benefits don't seem to outweigh the potential problems.

    Is there a way to root now and prevent the phone from updating to 2.2 when it comes out?
  10. Paycer

    Paycer Android Enthusiast

    When my phone arrives, I intend to root it. When the Froyo OTA update comes out, or when Birdman's copy is released, I will simply un-root and upgrade. Then it's just a simple matter of re-rooting I think.
  11. D13

    D13 Android Expert

    No don't rename it

    Its not the exact same but its still applicable

    What Pete had to say
    Peter Alfonso

  12. vr4

    vr4 Well-Known Member

    ill be waiting for froyo before i root mine.

    since i dont know much about computers/code/etc i dont want to take my chances.
  13. Paycer

    Paycer Android Enthusiast

    EDIT: Nevermind. I know what you were referring to now.

    Tell him that, not me. I'm just quoting/linking.

    EDIT2: By the way, the post is clearly showing an update on an original post. He wasn't saying to do that re-naming process. He said to simply remove or rename SystemUpdater.apk to stop the OTA update from initiating automatically.
  14. D13

    D13 Android Expert

    Yeah I was just trying to talk about renaming otacerts.zip and not to do it...thats all
  15. Gareee

    Gareee Android Enthusiast

    Actually, the Gingerbread update is scheduled for October, I believe.
  16. Travisimo

    Travisimo Android Enthusiast

    Even if Google does release Gingerbread in October, you cn bet it will be months before we see it on the x.

    That said, I not only rooted but I installed the 2.2 leak as well! Lol
  17. Gareee

    Gareee Android Enthusiast

    Since gingerbread is mostly a cosmetic/app enhancement change, odds are it will be distributed across plaforms quickly.

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