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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LatestAvon, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    I have Root Browser Lite and i keep getting "error"s and "cannot"s when trying to move .qmg's and .ogg.

    IM TRYING TO CHANGE THE BOOTANIMATION FOR ADMIRE 2.3.4. I have changed the shutdown files and have successfully managed to change the images and remove the shutdown audio file... but it never completes the shutdown process and stays on a single image until i remove the battery.

    to change shutdown - I had to rename series of .jpgs as "shutdown_#.png".... I think i am mising a file that actually finishes the shutdown ANY ADVISE OR INFORMATION WOULD BE HELPFUL. TY

    with the initial bootani - bootani.qgm and the samsungani.qgm - I keep getting errors - cannot move file, etc - from Root Browser. Both Root Browser and AndExplorer wont let me move anything system-related. I downloaded bootani.zips and i get errors that say i cannot extract (root browser), cannot uncompress (ANDexplorer). "Failed operation" appears if i try to move the new zip from system/media.... it was all working properly before... i think i did something wrong somewhere...

    RANDOM ALSO - how do you determine which apps can be made system apps and which ones need to be left on the internal or ext memory?
    im ganna keep trying to figure this out, but any info from yall would be awesome.


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  2. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    noob errors - the root browser is allowing me to move, rename, and delete things again. ::tilt head:: I didnt change any settings, just deleted one file.
    deleted the bootani that i placed in system/media and renamed another bootanimation.zip as bootani.qmg, changed the system bootani to bootani.qmf and moved that to a back up folder on my sd card

    i have tried to extract the zip, compress and rename. these bootanimations are from Boot Animations * root app by JRummy. I've done this once before ...successfully... but I cant remember how to do it again.
  3. SacredBloodlin

    SacredBloodlin Android Enthusiast

    I am not entirely sure as I am not a developer, but it sounds like you are trying to do this on the phone while its still running. Some system files cannot be altered or changed while the phone is on because they are being used. Try doing these edits/changes in the rom itself on a computer, then zip it and try flashing it. Like I said, I am not a developer or anything, but this seems to make sense to me. Maybe someone can correct me?
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  4. qandres12

    qandres12 Android Expert

    to me it sounds like you arent properly changing the system to RW(rewritable). being that its only RO(read only) you wouldnt be able to mess with those files. and also all the apps on the phone can be made into system apps. it actually saves space from what ive heard but idk. you can use Titanium Backup to make your user apps into system apps but i think you have to your the paid version idk cause ive never done it
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  5. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    from what i have read, any roms will brick the admire... or is that just custom roms? i assume there is a factory rom in the phone? like stock rom that i cant switch but i can tinker in?
  6. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    yeah... I think im tripping a setting somehow without knowing it. occassionally i have root/partition access... other times i dont and im not changing settings ... but it is rw right now.

    system apps - yeah i know they can all be moved. i am moving them manually, but some apps dont function when they are moved to system/data/apps... like go launcher, google voice, etc... but i may have simply done something wrong. if you have used the phones apps2sd, which moves part of the app to the sd card, and you do not "undo" this before moving apps to the system/data/app then it wont work again. you have to unistall, and reinstall and try again. I think i forgot to move back to phone.
  7. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    ill see what i can do as far as usb mode goes, later. i dont think i have tried to access the system through a computer before. thank you for the idea.

    im foolin around with the phone itself while im at work... dont have MY computer to hook it to right now. just tinkering in the root browser on the phone for the next hour.

    i managed to remove the original bootani... so that no longer comes up during boot. I left the samsungani cuz im not sure if thats important lol.
  8. twogbsd

    twogbsd Android Expert

    Heres what you do:

    Go to /system/bin and find samsungloop
    Delete samsungloop
    Find bootanimation in /system/bin
    Rename it to samsungloop
    Add bootanimation.zip to /data/local
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  9. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    youre the best! works perfect! party time:smokingsomb:

    ...add-on --- spoke too soon. stuck in the bootani that i just put placed in data/local... soooooo now what? lol
  10. twogbsd

    twogbsd Android Expert

    Oh, forgot to say, if your on the stock kernel your going to bootloop. You must be on a different kernel like Req0's kernel or Spz0's kernel. Would you like me to give to links and instructions?
  11. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    lol yeah that would be great. lol. all day ive been messing with these bootanimations and i dont even have cwm on this thing yet. do i need to factory reset and then put cwm on first so i can do a sys, data, backup?

    ...can i install cwm while its stuck in bootloop?
  12. qandres12

    qandres12 Android Expert

    Just boot intp download mode to install cwm. Go to the stickied thread for full in instructions
  13. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    ok giving that a try now

    ...in the process of trying to install cwm ... apparently that doesn work when your phone is stuck in bootloop... good to know. it started to work. and then rebooted lol..into the bootloop. lol yeeeeeaaaah. so that didnt fix the bootloop issue but cwm is on there now. :) yay
    i went ahead a did a factory reset. still didnt fix the bootloop.
    ill do the kernel thingamabobber tomorrow after 2gig posts the links. thanks you guys. :) i have no clue what im doing... but i am a learnin!
  14. twogbsd

    twogbsd Android Expert

    You are new to this, and yet you are into tweaking your phone, I would suggest flashing a ROM with the kernel instead of flashing the kernel only.

    Before we even think about that, we need to make a backup

    Turn off your phone, then press and hold Volume Down, Back Button, and Power until you boot into CWM. Once there, using Volume Up and Down to navigate and Home to select, go down and select backup and restore then hit backup. At this point CWM will basically take a very detailed copy of your whole ROM and put it on your SD card. This "detailed copy" will back up Contacts, Google Account, Apps, Saved levels in games, Wallpapers, and just about everything is copied to your SD card and can be restored at a later date. These backups can take anywhere between 150 to 250MB in size, so make sure you have the space on your SD Card ;) Once you have everything backed up, your going to want to flash a rom :D Press the back button, until you're at the main menu in CWM and hit "reboot system now."

    Now, once everything is back up and running, your going to need to download a rom, place it on your SD Card, and boot back into CWM.

    So with that said, pick a rom you like, and try it out. I recommend OpenAndroid or Admired Monster 5.3. Pick which one you want, read the whole thread, download, then place it on your SD Card :)

    Now that thats all over, its time for the fun (and sometimes scary) part. Flashing the rom! :D :D :D Boot into CWM, go to "Install from SD Card" and find where you put the rom then select it. It will ask if you are sure, press yes. Now at this point you will see random stuff on your screen, then you will see "Install from SD Card complete". Now Press the back button until you get to the main menu and press "Reboot system now". Now your phone will boot into a awesome new ROM with the right kernel, and boot animations already enabled :D Not to mention overclocked to 900Mhz (Faster phone, less lag) and various other tweaks that will make your phone more stable. Plus, if you get OpenAndroid, you can tether your phone for free :D

    Hope this helps. If you have any questions or run into something, feel free to ask me and the others here :D
  15. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. i think i understand this. Ive already been looking through everything on cwm. ive had a rooted phone before and fiddled with things... but never to this extent... i think i got this. ;) i shall post more questions or uh-ohs as they arise. Thank you for your help.
  16. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    will these work with admire v2.3.4? i see a mention of one being "based on 2.3.6" but thats all it says. ...well along with all the other features and directions lol
  17. twogbsd

    twogbsd Android Expert

    When you flash a rom, you are replacing the Read Only Memory, where your current 2.3.4 is (also known as "Stock"). Admired Monster 5.3 is Based off of Stock 2.3.4 and is super tweaked. OpenAndroid is Based off the 2.3.6 Update for the generic version of the Admire, and is also super tweaked but has its own kernel made just for it. Between the two, I personally prefer Admired Monster 5.3. But OpenAndroid is more stable, so it really up to you what you want from a rom. If you want, you can list what you really want from a rom and I can suggest one to you :)
  18. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    Ive been reviewing them and i think i would prefer the Monster 5.3. i dont like ics style much and the monster 5.3 has an extended power menu. I think someone i know used/uses this rom.

    how exactly does one "flash" a rom... just install from zip on sd?
  19. twogbsd

    twogbsd Android Expert

    Correct :)

    Flash = Install from SD Card via CWM
  20. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    what does "Mount system (Unsuper build on reqs cwm only!!" mean?
    I got the mount system part. i understand that but what is reqs and unsuper build?

    and would i need the full build of monster 5.3?
  21. twogbsd

    twogbsd Android Expert

    Req is a developer who is MIA that made a kernel and CWM version When you first flash CWM onto your phone, you installed version Admired Monster 5.3 needs version which you can get HERE. Just flash it though CWM then reboot. Another thing I forgot :eek:

    Edit: Depends if your phone can handle being overclocked. Some batches of the Admire are made with a CPU that can't go higher than 800Mhz.
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  22. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    im inquisitive and you are forgetful.. i think we shall make a pretty good team here. lol ok the link is for a kernel. is that all i need and then install which build of the monster 5.3? or do i need to switch over to open android and use the link there to download cwm v5.0.2.8?


    which of the Monster 5.3 should i pick. i have the cwm v5.0.2.8 now. ty btw. i dont know the differences between the different builds.
  23. KageBeast

    KageBeast Android Expert

    The differences are explained in the post but go ahead and flash the full build.
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  24. LatestAvon

    LatestAvon Member
    Thread Starter

    oh yeah... now that i understand what/who "reqs" is it all makes sense to me now. awesome sauce

    hopefully i dont mess this up.



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