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Root Captivate with no USB cables. EASY

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by enjoimark, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. Norulez

    Norulez Lurker

    So i was wondering if this root would also work on the i896???

  2. diegueno

    diegueno Lurker

    I can get to a place on the start up where I get a selection to update from the SD card. Could I expand the file on to a directory there and flash the kernel that way?
  3. Shashmanshma

    Shashmanshma Lurker

    :)This was the BEST method i could possibly find. I tried several different ways and im by no means good with the whole rooting process and this made it perfect for me! Thank you once again!!

    I recommend to everyone who wants to root there Samsung Galaxy Captivate S2 SGH-I897 with no problems or frustration :D :thumb::thumb:
  4. can anyone help please/? how d i download file or what is the first thing i need to do? please help new to all this. thnx!

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