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root custom rom

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Android Question

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    i downloaded custom rom for my spice mi 353 gone well and flashed through fastboot.
    booted well but camera didn't worked no problem for that. it was having superuser access and i unpacked it with unyaffs in linux and do some modifications for camera and repacked with mkfs.yaffs2.x86 and flashed it .now the camera is working but no superuser access available now. i just checked if i did some wrong by unpacking original custom rom file and repacked(nothing touched,packed as it is) again no superuser access.hi checked in super user there is a line in info under su binary v3.1. as "-rwxrwxrwx" now it is in red color but earlier it was green when rooted.
    pls help me how can i gave root access to my modified rom. ?
    or is there any signing procedure after packing it?

  2. arjungurjar

    arjungurjar Lurker

    hey friend can you send me whole tutorle for rooting spice mi 353 indian version as you did?
  3. ndex477

    ndex477 Well-Known Member

    So when you go to terminal emulator and issue the SU command the $ does not change to #? If the su binary is in red then it means that it is still in archive form and needs to be unziped(installed).
  4. arjungurjar

    arjungurjar Lurker

    I rooted my spice mi 353 but i did not found custom recovery plz can you give me link or can you make custom recovery for it.

    Thanks,in Advance
  5. arjungurjar

    arjungurjar Lurker

    I tried rom manager but my phone model not showing..
    plz help
  6. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
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    The original poster cannot reply unless (s)he has since registered as a forum member.

    Building a custom recovery for a particular device is an expert task, and needs someone who has development skills and that particular device. It's possible that someone here might know where to find one for that phone (though likely only by searching the web for it), assuming that anyone has actually made one. But it's unlikely that anyone reading this will be in a position to make one for the phone. You really wouldn't want to use one that had been built by someone who didn't have the actual device, since any error in a recovery could leave the device unusable. For the same reason, be very wary of using a recovery built for a different device, even if it is very similar - that can easily leave the phone completely unusable.

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