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Root faq?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by novarider, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. novarider

    novarider Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Is there a root faq for newbs? Like advantages of rooting, differences between the root methods, if you root can you go back to unrooted, that sort of thing.

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  2. novarider

    novarider Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm considering rooting but need help I'm a complete newb to root. Can someone help me out and answer these questions.
  3. Mateo1041

    Mateo1041 Member

    Same here. I'm on the new 2.2.
  4. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Android Enthusiast

    Then you have plenty of time to read. No root is available for that version yet.

    Ok. My resons to root:
    wifi tether if I want

    Since I did, I am having some fun with the roms. I am really only playing "follow the leader" when the devs post something cool, but I can do what I want. I like that.

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  5. chrismmm

    chrismmm Member

    there is a root faq that cabbie did a few weeks ago.
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  6. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member


    Yeah - he did a GREAT write up.

    Meanwhile - this is a must-bookmark thread if you're new to rooting:

    HTC EVO helpful/popular threads (Look here First!) - xda-developers

    I'll let Cabbie come back with his tutorial.

    Here are some basics you're going to run into quickly. If the terminology or concepts are funky right now, just bookmark this and come back to it.

    First - root is to unix as Administrator is to Windows. It's the name of superuser account, it's the class of privileges that go with that account. Rooting is the accepted term for getting to those privileges.

    Right now - Sprint is root on your phone.

    Your phone has a few parts:
    • a modified Linux kernel
    • a customized Linux-y operating system
    • a bunch of system apps
    • a bunch of user apps
    • data areas for all of the above
    • a GUI - associated with your launcher; the stock launcher is Sense
    • some really important soft area called data and the Dalvik cache - this is the working space for the software
    • some radio and wimax software - to make it a phone

    The slang term for putting them altogether is called a rom.

    And - you can have a rom_yadda.zip and then have add-on packages called radio_yadda.zip and wimax_yadda.zip.

    I run the stock rooted rom - it's the same as the OTA 3.26.yadda.6 update - but it's been rooted.

    I chose that because I happen to like Sense ok so far - but I hate the Sprint bloatware - so I threw it out. When you're root, you can do that - and never sweat what junkware is ever running again.

    I also choose to then add a custom kernel. I lost some features that HTC provided, but I gained some others. These are documented in the kernel_yadda.zip threads on XDA so as time progressed, and I got used to XDA, making my choice was easy enough.

    Others choose more flexible GUIs - the what-you-see part. One popular one seems to be Fresh_yadda.zip - and to make sure it all works, Fresh_yadda.zip will contain everything you need, just like a stock rooted rom, so you don't have to manage a separate zip package for all the bullet point areas above.

    Next - you're going to hear about odex'd. Odex'd odex'd odex'd. You really only care about this if you're going in for custom themes. A "deodexed" rom is easier for developers to customize and move around and swap around - and a regular odexed rom will tend to boot up faster.

    Hopefully, this is somehow useful info.

    My only advice is to BE PATIENT. With your phone. With yourself. And to READ carefully ALL the instructions before you start and to not skip a single step. Not ever.

    OK, now all you need is Cabbie's write-up for the three levels of rooting and you're prolly good to go.

    Best luck.

    PS - I'll PM cabbie for his help here.

    PPS - Bookmark this:


    I _promise_ you'll be needing this at some point - no need to dread it when there's a procedure!
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  7. jmaeishi

    jmaeishi Newbie

    I have been reading here for about 7 weeks, when I got my Evo.

    I still need to root my device. It's so annoying that many of the best features of the Evo are not availabe because of what Sprint does to it. I see options available in the menus, but I cannot access them. I cannot clear my search memory, I cannot add new personal calendar, I cannot keep my phone without having a gmail (red colored) email app...

    I missed the "one-click" chance because I wanted to familiarize myself and there was a change right at the time I got the phone... then missed the "three click" chance to root just as I was gaining confidence that I could do this...I received the 2.2 froyo over a period of 3 days, it was a tortuous experience because I lost all my page interfaces and the contacts etc. more than once, and I was travelling and in and out of roaming areas...everything was really messy

    Could someone please give the direct link to the Evo page in XDA developers that will provide the new root method, if and when it is released? It's hard to be a noobie and searhing and searching...believe me, I've read all I can, but I'm not on top of the latest info because I don't seem to be able to recognize it when it's in front of me.

    I just want to follow each instruction step by step, if someone could just help me find the root for 2.2, and then maybe introduce an acceptable rom. It seems now that I need root just as soon as it becomes available, so I don't miss another chance and sprint sends another auto update.
  8. TheBarron

    TheBarron Member

    Or you could just set your phone not to auto-update any more!

    Menu -> Settings -> System updates -> HTC software update -> Uncheck "Scheduled check"

    At least, that's where it's at on the stock original EVO.

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