Root Root for 4.0.4?


I have fully read through the guide linked below and read through all the responses. I see that Ac13 has verified that guide works with 4.0.3 but I see many unanswered problems posted to the guide starting about the time I updated mine to 4.0.4. I have asked in several places but with no answer. I do not mind if the answer is no, I would just like to know whether it is yes or no. ;)

I am very cautious since this is my only phone and I do not want to brick it.

Thank you everyone!:D


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The software version should not matter. As long as you can unlock it via htc dev (always) the you can root it.


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Ok, thank you for the information! Also, thank you for the move to All Things Root.

I only saw this sub-forum AFTER I posted and couldn't find a way to delete and didn't want to double post :)

My apologies