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Root For Prism

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by twistedgeminid, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. twistedgeminid

    Thread Starter

    hi guys, i was searching around the net to find ways to root my prism(our prisms) and came across this website with instructions on how to do it. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1698905

    here is the instructions if u dont wanna go to the link. i take no credit.
    follow instruction and u should be fine.

    0) (make sure you've backed up anything on the phone in case something goes wrong.)
    1) a)Download CWRecovery (U8651.zip)(bottom of this post) and expand it. This will be used to install the Clockworkmod Recovery image.
    b)Download update.zip, but do not expand it - this goes on your SD card.
    c)If you want, download CyanoGen's rooted 7.2 rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1708205 (there are 4 zip files: 7.2 stable, LED, audio, and gapps). They go on your SD card.

    2) Put your phone in USB Debug mode: settings -> applications -> Development -> check USB Debugging .

    3) The driver:
    From power off, start the phone into fastboot mode (voldn+poweron for 15 sec)(white screen with t-mobile) (U8651S:fast boot screen is just the Huawei logo for the Summit) then plug your phone to your computer via the USB charging cable.
    Nothing will happen on the phone, but you'll probably hear that chime indicating a device has been plugged.
    Open Win7 Device Manager and look for an android device with a flag.
    It is looking for a driver called something like "android sooner single...etc" .
    Make sure your windows update is set to allow search on the internet for drivers.
    Then double click that yellow flagged item, pick update driver, pick search internet, and off it goes and will find your driver.
    For U8651S use this:
    Originally Posted by Linkisaboss77 [​IMG]
    I found a universal Huawei android driver that includes the fast boot drivers if you'd like to add it to the guide! Had to use it since Windows didn't recognize my model number -_-
    Here it is
    Sent from my Huawei u8651s using xda app-developers app[​IMG]

    4) Once you have your driver, and the phone (in fastboot mode) (is recognized as just "ADB interface / Fastboot interface),
    go to that expanded U8651.zip folder and click on recovery.bat .

    That will flash clockworkmod's recovery image on your phone. That will allow you to do neat things like back up your rom and restore it...
    You can now unplug your phone from the computer.

    --> if you do succeed in running recovery.bat, then immediately
    a) Boot to the recovery screen if you're not there already (volup+poweron for 8 secs).
    b) voldn to backup and restore, and backup your current system!!!
    -----> note, at this point you can jump to step 5 below if you just want to root your current system.
    c) voldn to "wipe data / factory reset", press the power button for the next screen and do it
    d) voldn to "backup and restore", press the power button and follow the screens to do a backup. this is your FACTORY BACKUP. (leave the backups on the SD card, but copy them to your computer before you go further.

    5) Now power on into recovery screen (volup+poweron), and chose "apply update from SDcard". This action, and crazypig's update module is what roots your rom and puts superuser app in your system library. You now have a rooted rom.

    To flash the Cyanogenmod rom:
    Power off, boot to recovery menu (volup+power for 8 secs or so)
    Select backup and restore and backup your current rom and it's data.
    Select wipe data/factory reset, and do it.
    Select instal zip from SD card, navigate to the "root" zip and select it.
    Select instal zip from SD card, navigate to the "audio" zip and select it. , and again for LED, and again for gapps.
    choose reboot

    Don't forget to take your phone out of USB Debug mode: settings -> applications -> Developement -> un-check USB Debugging .

    EDIT: I notice that if my phone is off and I plug it into the wall charger, it pops up into the recovery menu. No idea if it's charging, but the screen stays on. Not good to leave it that way. So I just swap batteries and use my external charger.

    u8651.zip is at http://www.adbtoolkit.com/recovery/i...i/prism/u8651/
    update.zip is at Index of / :: ADB Toolkit File Repository :: Compatible With Almost All Mobile Devices :: adbtoolkit.com :: Android :: Windows :: Blackberry :: Mobile Driverpacks :: Rooting :: Recovery :: Flashing :: Apps :: iDevice :: iPod :: iPhone :: iPad :: iTun
    rom is at http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1708205 1st post 4th release, also 3 fixes led, audio, gapps.

  2. Katalyst87

    Katalyst87 Lurker

    Does anyone know how to do root an Android using a Mac?
  3. twistedgeminid

    Thread Starter

    Can't help u on that cuz I use windows only but google or bing are ur friends.. check back for others input. Maybe somebody will know
  4. Chubbzzz9999

    Chubbzzz9999 Lurker

    Maybe am late but these links aren't working for me
  5. The link for the U8651.zip is not working,any help

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