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Root/Froyo - Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Nimbuz, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. Nimbuz

    Nimbuz Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I'm an iPhone user just trying our Android for the first time. I bought a "Samsung Galaxy 3" today.

    The specifications at gsmarena for this phone also mentions that it is "upgradeable to v2.2". I wonder where and how can I install the froyo update?

    Also, what is 'rooting' and is it possible on this phone?

    Some details about my phone:
    Model Number: GT-I5801
    Firmware Version: 2.1-update1
    Kernel Version: 2.6.29 root@SE-5604 #2
    Build Number: ECLAIR.DDJG6

    Many thanks for your help!

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  2. lievenv

    lievenv Lurker

    AFAIK android 2.2 will come out mid September.
    When Samsung will release the update for their devices officially remains unknown.
    I also read somewhere that the system requirements for froyo are 1ghz processor and 512mb internal memory...
    I hope this is wrong cos otherwise no 2.2 on my Apollo...
  3. dheeraj88

    dheeraj88 Lurker

    hey guy, i have a galaxy 5801 as well, do you know how i can root the phone. thought i;ll get live wallpapers on the phone.
  4. mikol

    mikol Lurker

    please can someone help us i would like to root this phone as well someone must have an answer
  5. girishmadas

    girishmadas Lurker

    i bot this phone bfore week. we know this phon has froyo upgradable but i want to root this phone plz anybdy suggest wat is method for galaxy 3,i tried many way but failed plz help me
  6. Member243850

    Member243850 Guest

    Hey dude welcome to the forums!

    If you want to give android a spin and you have an iPhone try this:

  7. jibeesh619

    jibeesh619 Lurker

    Hi...I have a i5801
    Can anyone plz guide me to root it
    Also how to get Live wallpapers working ?
  8. Member243850

    Member243850 Guest

  9. lievenv

    lievenv Lurker

    september 23rd for Europe apparently
    will this update also work for the i5800 ?
  10. lievenv

    lievenv Lurker

    just got an answer from samsung support
    the galaxy s update is no good for the i5800
    that update will come later on.
  11. nougiw

    nougiw Lurker

    How much longer? October's almost over! Any news?
  12. henzy25

    henzy25 Lurker

    hi i just bought my galaxy 3 about 2 weeks now, and i really like it. if i may ask, if galaxy 3 gets the froyo 2.2 update then live wallpapers will be available in it? bcoz i like to have live wallpapers without rooting my phone. x_x
  13. stoffell

    stoffell Newbie

    Just received an email (after requesting info) from Samsung Netherlands that 2.2 will be delayed because of some errors in it. So I guess we need to be patient a little bit more..

    So I can only advise, contact your local Samsung service/support and ask them when they will release 2.2 for the i5800/5801..

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  14. reagnon

    reagnon Newbie

    I requested some information from samsung and they informed me that they dont expect a froyo update for the galaxy apollo in short term.

    "De firmware update naar Froyo 2.2 wordt op dit moment gedoseerd verspreid onder de gebruikers van de
    Galaxy S via Samsung Kies. Wij verwachten geen update naar Froyo 2.2 voor de Galaxy Apollo op korte
    termijn. "
    (for those who speak dutch, like me)

    So we are forced to wait even longer for froyo while gingerbread is just arround the corner...
  15. nougiw

    nougiw Lurker

    Samsung is bullshiting us. You didn't pay 600 euros to buy S? I don't give a shit about you! As if we are not customers buying Galaxy 3!
  16. stoffell

    stoffell Newbie

    Well, that sucks. They told me (Dutch Samsung service desk)) that they postponed it, not that they didn't expect any.

    If I read this, it simply means they'll not be doing it. They just try to say it very politely (they don't succeed) and don't have the guts to be honest.. :)

    At least the phone's price was much lower then the Galaxy S :)

    Let's just keep on bugging them and asking for the update.

  17. reagnon

    reagnon Newbie

    That's exactly what I thought, let's hope there will be some good roots in the future. Since i'm a IT student i might try to create a root (or a part of it) myself in my spare time. But that won't be for tomorow either...
  18. bought samsung galaxy 3. after a week i am out of phone memory .i installed only few applications .
    i have 8 gb memory card with me. how can i install applications to sd card.
    plz reply me...
  19. nicknino

    nicknino Lurker

    install app2sd it's free on market
  20. daveess

    daveess Lurker

    I just calling to Samsung Support and they say me this:
    For Samsung galaxy 3 we dont have froyo 2.2. and we do not know when it will have for this phone.
    That is Samsung Support!:mad:
  21. pratik008

    pratik008 Lurker

    u can update to 2.2 froyo.
  22. pratik008

    pratik008 Lurker

    Samsung Galaxy 3 i5801 owners there’s a great news for all you guys has arrived, yes the most awaited Froyo 2.2 has arrived for Galaxy 3 not through KIES though, but you can install this Froyo 2.2 version on your phone manually by following simple instructions which are given below. If this is the first time you are updating your phone with the firmware then you need to know first the pre requisite and important instructions before directly proceeding to flashing the device so as to continue with the smooth update process. The firmware which we will be installing will be the Asian built and not the European build, though the EU builds are said to be the stable ones but the last firmware which was released in the February 2011 was XWJPD and was having screen black out issues after the call and also the battery life was not that optimized as compared to the latest and an all new Froyo ZHJPF 2.2 Android version for your Galaxy 3 i5801(Apollo).
    The firmware flashing is similar to that of we used to see for Samsung Galaxy S, we have covered nearly 10 different versions of update from 2.2 Froyo to the latest Gingerbread 2.3.3 and we look forward to deliver same firmware upgrade tutorials for other Android phones in the market too. So, after following the important instructions below you will need to follow the procedure after that.Instructions and Pre Requisites:
    • First up, make sure that the phone which you wish to upgrade is Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 ONLY, after this you will have to download the Flash kit for Galaxy 3 from here and you will have to unzip the same, if it prompts for the password then you need to enter the password as androidadvices.com.
    • Since the firmware update process will wipe all the contacts, sms, third party applications, music, images and videos you will have to ensure that you have taken a backup of all your contents so that you can easily restore the same.
    • It’s ideal to have a battery life of 100% before proceeding to upgrading the phone, but its recommended to have at least 75% of battery life for a smoother upgrade process.
    • Also, make sure that your computer or laptop has a supports USB 2.0.
    • Ensure that the Samsung KIES is completely closed and also disable all the antivirus programs along with all the firewalls.
    Procedure to upgrade Samsung Galaxy 3 (APOLLO) to FROYO 2.2:
    • First up after downloading the Flash Kit for Galaxy 3 I5801 above, you will get a zipped folder which upon unzipping you will get three files in it, one is the Firmware file itself which is 5810ZHJPF, Odin v4.252 and also Galaxy3_0531.ops file.
    • After downloading and placing all the three files on the desktop so that you can easily find the folders you will have to now switch your phone Off and then pull out the Sim card as well as the Memory card so that data in it doesn’t get deleted.
    • • Now, you will have to turn your phone ON in the Download Mode which basically acts as a safe mode for your phone and the same can be entered by holding the Volume Down button + the Home key button (the middle button), while holding these both buttons, you need to switch ON your device by Pressing he Power ON button.
    • After ensuring that firewall, KIES and also Antivirus programs are closed in computer you need to open the exe file “Odin v4.252” which you have downloaded and after which you will have to connect your phone to the computer with the help of USB cable.
    As soon as you connect your phone to the computer you will see that in the &#8220;Odin Multi Downloader&#8221;, the COM Port Mapping block will turn yellow and will show up 1 (COM 6) int he box which will mean that the required drivers have been successfully installed after which in the Message field you will see that <1> Detected!!!.

    &#8226; In the Option field you need to ensure that Auto Reboot, Protect OPS and Reset Time (Sec) options are ticked and in the &#8220;Reset Time (Sec) field&#8221; 300 is entered as shown in the below screen shot and also ensure that One Package field is unticked.
    &#8226; In Debug Option, ensure that Debug Only is not ticked.
    &#8226; Now, next up you will have to select the below mentioned FILES which you have downloaded as mentioned below in the Odin Multi downloader,
    OPS – Galaxy3_0531.ops file
    Boot – I5801ZFJPE-REV02-Bootloader-CL915488.tar.md5
    Phone – GALAXY3_FET_REV_00_phone
    PDA – I5801ZFJPE-REV02-PDA-CL915488.tar.md5
    CSC – I5801FETJPD-CSC-FET.tar.md5
    EFS – NONE
    One Package – NONE

    Do ensure and double check that the selections are done as per mentioned above.
    &#8226; After double checking the selections, proceed by clicking on the &#8220;Start&#8221; option and you will see that after sometime the process will be completed, generally it takes a minute or two not more than that to finish the upgradation process, do note that you don&#8217;t pull off the USB cable in the upgradation process as this will seriously damage the phone and your phone will become no less than an expensive paper weight as that will be bricked though this is an unlikely event and if power goes in between then not to worry you just have to follow the procedure again from the start.
    &#8226; As soon as the update gets finished you will see that the phone will be rebooting and you will see that you phone will be prompting you to enter all the initial settings, and now you can unplug the USB cable from your phone.
    &#8226; There you go you have now successfully installed the latest Froyo 2.2 version on your Galaxy 3 I5801.
    &#8226; Please note that at this point of time you may have to change the language as the language will be set to some other language, so to set the language as English you just need to refer to the pictures which are shown below,
    Do let us know if you have any problems while updating as we will help you out with the same. Now, to check on which version you are on then you will have to just tap on the Settings > About Phone > Firmware Version where you will find the version of Android OS where it will show 2.2.
    Please note that this update can be applied to all the handsets with model number of Galaxy 3 I5801 or even for Apollo version. Also, once the Gingerbread 2.3 arrives for the Galaxy 3 we will let you know about the same. Most importantly by applying this update won&#8217;t mean that you have rooted your phone.

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  23. Pritchard

    Pritchard Lurker

    If you downlaod the asian version, can you choose every language as opertion language on your phone? Is it possible to use Dutch or Netherlands?

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