Jun 7, 2009
i was shock to hear that the g1 will not getting anymore android updates because of the lack of space the g1 has so it cant fit 2.0 on the phone so i want to now if i rooted my phone and install android 2.0 to my sd card would that work and would the os run fast as i just really want some of the updates that 2.0 is bring to the android platfrom

also where do i find inforamtion on how to root my phone the best an easy way

and why make an phone with so small memory lol
I really don't think that would work... they really do need to consider putting more memory on these phones, I mean, 16/32 gigs can fit on a micro sd smaller than my thumb, why can't they just stick it in the phone?
No one has yes or no to 2.0 on the G1. However us with rooted G1s and T3Gs have recieved parts of 2.0 and are getting more soon.

Cyanogen is the only way to go. Read this link.

CyanogenMod Wiki

Read that link over and over again.

Read it a few more times. Make sure you have read it a few times.

Did I mention that you need to read that link.

Everything you need to know about rooting your phone is there.

Read this link again.
CyanogenMod Wiki

Once you have gotten to a point where you think you know what your doing, read a few more times.

The reason I say read it so much, is it makes it easier to keep track of where you are while rooting. Its alot easier than it looks. I have done 3 G1s and walked 2 mytouch3g people through doing it on a land line.

Once you are sure you understand what you have to do, go for it.

When done go to the Market and download the CMupdater so you can get the updates easy.

Feel free to PM me or post if you have questions.
so even if i root my g1 i still want get all the functions on 2.0

yes its is stupid why the phone not have more memory it just stuiped it has sort of many me mad that this the case to think i got the phone and they had no plans i keeping it all up two date. as the os gets better

but i may give the rooting an go anyways as i am not getting anymore updates so i may as well root it now