Root Root HTC One M8 Harmon / Kardon


Hello Everyone, I am some what New to Andriod. I recently got a htc m8 Harmon Kardon Edition phone.

I am looking to root this phone and just delete all the stock apps that no one needs and have it run nice and smooth.

I already tried to root it and now it says unlocked and tampered so i'm not sure what that's about but i went to htcdev for that. Super user works and when I try to delete something it comes back when i restart my phone.

Any and all help would be appreciated, just want to root this phone and set it up how i like without any bloatware.

BTW. I will pay $5 Via Paypal to whoever helps me figure this out.



Android Expert
NateF7, welcome to the site :hello:

Sorry this reply is probably too late, but I suggest you follow the previous post to s-off your phone. Then it will be rooted all the way.

good luck