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root lg k11+ HELP!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by desesperatelgk11, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. desesperatelgk11

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    guys, please, i am new at this forum, but i really need help, i working in the last 4 days on this, and i can't do anything.
    i have a lg k11 Plus, and i am trying to install a custom ROM, but, for this i need a Root and Unlock Bootloader, wich is REALLY difficult.

    somebody please, how can i do this?
    the root, and unlock boatloader, and eventually, the custom rom

    sorry for my bad english, i am brazilian!!!


  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    so after looking into the link, please keep in mind that the actual source was from an xda guide that was published in 2015. so i do not know how effective the process will be. here is the original thread:https://forum.xda-developers.com/android/development/guide-root-method-lg-devices-t3049772

    always look to xda for anything root related. it is a developers forum where they post their guides, roms, kernels and recoveries. always do your research there first. your problem is that there is no forum for your device in xda. this means that there is no development community supporting your device. just remember no dev=no fun.

    if it was me as soon as i know that there is no dev community to help root the device, i would stop my research right there. the really is no reason to look further. each device has a specific process to gain root. not all device can use the same exploit to root the device as in the days of old. manufacturers and carriers have tighten their grips on the phones they offer.

    the main reason i would stop if there are no dev support, is because that means there is no custom recovery. a custom recovery allows you to make a nandroid backup which is like a save point in a video game. if you mess up, you can always restore your backup and it will be like nothing happened. to just root the phone so that you can get rid of bloatware and such is a big risk without a custom recovery. bloatware are apps carriers and manufacturers added to the phone. they are considered system apps. a lot of system apps are tied together so
    that if you delete one, you might break another app and possibly soft brick your phone. without a custom recovery, the only thing you can do is flash a firmware update which most likely will unroot your phone.

    so i do not think that you will be able to gain root on your device at the moment. you can try the guide @Dannydet linked, but i'm doubtful it will work....but you never know. i highly recommend that you stop looking for a root process for your phone. at least not until there is a custom recovery for your phone.

    good luck and keep us posted.
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