Root lg m210 lv3 aristo help


Anyone have apk/steps to root t-mobile lg aristo lv3/ms210 without using a pc? I don't have access to a pc for the next couple of months. Thanks!
i am also trying to do this. i have been trying to unlock the boot loader for 2 days but i am new to this android developing and still learning. i need a step by step how to guide for dummies

James L

Android Expert
Without a PC, not sure that can be done as far as the bootloader unlock goes. Maybe someday...A root guide exists on this forum for the aristo.
I k is that I've been looking at the guide all night but I can't unlock the bootloader if I don't have the right stuff on my Mac OS Sierra. I put the phone into fastboot plug it into the computer type in the commands and nothing happens


Wish i could help...but i know absolutely nothing about mac. But the method works. I too was up all night and finally came out on top. Rooted and booted! I will keep an eye out
Did you ever figure it out. In trying to flash tarp but when I run the command fastboot flash recovery it says command not found y'all have any suggestions check out my last thread for the commands from my terminal