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Root LG Optimus L9 [Guide]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by GTK313, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. GTK313

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    Thanks to eversleyd for finding this rooting method, please make time to thank him/her here.

    Root LG Optimus L9 [Guide]
    ** This will root your phone and install an app called "superuser".

    ::What will the software do::

    1- Manages superuser (root) permission to apps.
    2- Remove System Apps (At your own risk)
    3- Increase Boot Speed by disabling apps that AutoStart (At your own risk)
    4- Clean up tool for files and process.
    5- Checks if Apps are up to date.
    6-Using "GL to SD(root)" some apps could be moved to SD

    This software is made by a Chinese company called mgyun.com and I don't know if their software should be trusted or if it's an open-source software (if anyone knows please share). If you have sensitive or classified information please do more research or ask your agency before installing it.
    ** Resetting the phone will not remove the software or root, to remove them you need to use the same Chinese software.***

    Downloading The Software:

    The software is in Chinese and the app installed is in English.
    you can download the software from the main site Here or from GoogleDrive Here

    1-Make sure your phone is in Deubug Mode
    System Settings-->Developer Options-->USB Debugging (not connected to usb cable yet, plug cable after selecting the option)

    2-After downloading the software you would be asked to allow it to run. Click Run than Yes.
    2-Keep Clicking Next until it asks you to lunch Root
    3- Select Lunch and Click Finish
    4- When the Program runs click on the root button.

    Your phone should be rooted and the app installed in your phone.


    Moving Some Apps To SD
    Now one of the best tools to use with your rooted phone is this app that moves some of your apps from the phone memory to your sd card memory it is called GL to SD(root) by tnslf2k **this app can move some applications not all** as you know android 4.x is troubling with this.

    Why Can't I Move All Apps to the External SD Card?

    Android OS Allows transferring apps to Primary External Storage that is not emulated.
    In the case of LG Optimus L9 the Primary External Storage IS emulated, and the sd card you place inside is consider Secondary External Storage.

    Beside Moving Apps What Can I Do?
    There is a new app that will switch the storage ID and therefor switch the storage device. the app is called

    Root External 2 Internal SD
    once you download it (& you're rooted) you will be able to switch them, make sure you change the camera setting to make the default storage the internal.


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  2. blazedsm

    blazedsm Newbie

    My wife just got me this phone for my birthday (the 11th of Dec) but she got it from someone on Craigslist. I can't activate the phone till the 30th since it's still under an active account, blah! Anyways, as soon as I can get my phone activated, I'll be using this guide. Thank you for your time to make this guide bro!
    Also does this come with CWM?
    Side note, I ended up buying her this phone for her Tmobile account. I rooted it by following the guides on xda so hopefuly this will be just as easy.
  3. Swainsmith82

    Swainsmith82 Android Expert

    If you don't want to unlock the bootloader here's a recovery for stock locked..

    Here's another apps to sd method..

  4. blazedsm

    blazedsm Newbie

    I've been reading more and more about this phone, Swain, in your opinion, what are the benefits of having an unlocked bootloader? Main reason would be to flash roms like CM10/11 or any future custom roms?
  5. Swainsmith82

    Swainsmith82 Android Expert

    I like stock because everything works and I use every aspect of my phone. There are a lot of roms available.. Some are still being developed on like Bob is working on cm11 actively.. There are a few from xda on the all things root guide, but like I said I like stock especially after throwing xposed framework on it.
  6. Nouridine

    Nouridine Lurker

    Hi, can anyone send me a backup of lg optimus T just afer rooting and before editing anything?? I've rooted my device and done the backup but i've lost it! My problem is that i've deleted many system apps such as photo app, movie player, galery, image widget and even lg home and now i can't get them back!
  7. GTK313

    GTK313 Well-Known Member
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    MetroPCS ONLY!!!

    [HIGH] - You have to add google original prebuilt source(toolchain) before running build scripts.
    - Run the following scripts to build android

    a) source build/envsetup.sh
    b) lunch full-eng
    c) make -j4

    * When you compile the android source code, you have to add google original prebuilt source(toolchain) into the android folder
    * "-j4" : The number, 4, is the number of multiple jobs to be invoked simultaneously. [/HIGH]

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