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Root root manager, blockbuster app removal, stock sms

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by runLoganrun, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. runLoganrun

    runLoganrun Well-Known Member
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    Nov 28, 2009

    Been whittling down my ApeX1.0.2.2 install, getting rid of some stock vzw apps. Used Root Manager for all (was having a hard time getting adb to work with droid x, not sure what, if any, usb setting it should be at), but this is easy anyways, with Root Manager. EXCEPT Blockbuster app, I know that I uninstalled it with RM (I think), yet it is still there, and I can't find it in system/app, or data/app.

    Did anyone have a problem removing this application (blockbuster)?

    Also, where is stock sms app? typically on droid 1, I would just uninstall that (sms.apk I believe), leave mms.apk, and install handcent. on X i only see ?Messaging.apk, didn't want to mess with it. It's easy to just set handcent as default, but I'd prefer removal, if I'm not using something.

    Might as well post this here....
    There's tons of Blur apps in ApeX, not on top, but if you look in Root Manager, they're everywhere, yet they don't seem to be apart of OS interface. Can these be dispensed of, or which ones can be dispensed of? On another installation, I created a backup, and just went through deleting them to see what happened, but I lost some apps that I wanted, like gmail, that was a sloppy trial, but I'd be interested to know their purpose, and if all are necessary?



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