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Root method

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by creep138, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. creep138

    creep138 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Just use the latest kingroot and let it do its thing. Mine didn't reboot but its rooted.

    Only a few problems. Xposed won't intall the framework, and I don't feel like trying the one that bootloops Samsung device in fear of a brick.

    Changing the dpi is finicky. Some apps and settings will force close. I find 200 dpi to be stable from that atrocouse 240 stock dpi.

    Other then that, that's it. All we need now is a recovery and roms hopefully.

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  2. theonexxx

    theonexxx Member

    copy that. working with latest KingRoot on metropcs LG K7. tried earlier versions in hopes of installing SuperSU. after running Super-SUme, phone loaded binaries, but failed to reboot. Bricked solid at metropcs logo. returned phone (less than 24hrs old) to metro. Re-rooted with the latest KingRoot.. seemed to work just fine. Gots titanium backup, root explorer, link2sd up n running np. tried freezing the KingRoot app (not remove) with titanium backup, resulted in losing root, therefore could NOT unfreeze. oops. Just reinstalled KingRoot, rooted imediately, up n runnin no harm done. thanks for the heads up!!
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  3. Just rooted my brand new MetroPCS LG K7 today with KingRoot 4.8. I discovered that disabling any security tools as well as opening up Developer Mode and disabling the system security functions like OEM lock helped make the rooting successful (it was unsuccessful prior to this).
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  4. codyedmonson

    codyedmonson Android Enthusiast

  5. bobcoolbob

    bobcoolbob Lurker

    Rooted with King root. Then got rid of King root and install supersu using w0lfdroids script from the terminal emulator (http://www.w0lfdroid.com/2015/05/How-to-Remove-Replace-KingUser-KingRoot-with-SuperSU.html?m=1). The only issue was a "Kingroot has failed" toast kept popping up so you have to click on the OK to get rid of it and then click on the next supersu menu option very quickly before the kingRoot toast pops back up. Eventually supersu killed the King root process and everything goes smoothly. Hoping to install the beta 5.1 xposed framework as soon as someone does a custom recovery for this phone.
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  6. bobcoolbob

    bobcoolbob Lurker

    Did a little digging found out the LG tribute is basically the same another market. I know there's a custom recovery for the tribute by a programmer named Unjustified Dev. He's done some other things as well for LG products. As this is not in MKT phone, so I gather, the clockworkmod make your own recovery web page won't work (correct me if I'm wrong on that). I would think, however, that unjustified devs custom CWM would get someone a lot further along if they wanted to port it to the k7. I'm going to try to attempt to contact him and maybe find out
  7. shakim91

    shakim91 Newbie

    Can someone post a link to the steps to follow to root LG K7 using Kingroot that they have tried?
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  8. shakim91

    shakim91 Newbie

    Found this useful youtube video:
  9. codyedmonson

    codyedmonson Android Enthusiast

    Have you guys tried using flashify? Since there is no custom ROM or recovery.
    S M H !!!
  11. starkraving

    starkraving Android Expert

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  12. cjreyes666

    cjreyes666 Well-Known Member

    Thank you, it worked with out any problems.
  13. czarsup3rstar

    czarsup3rstar Member

    I rooted with kingroot. Than unlocked the bootloader, than I downloaded flashify and flashed the recovery than I flashed super su zip and than used system app remover to delete all unnecessary apps not needed.
  14. Iseewhatudid

    Iseewhatudid Lurker

    How did you unlock the bootloader? I cant figure the button combo for reboot to bootloader. Power and volume down only factory resets

  15. czarsup3rstar

    czarsup3rstar Member

    I used quick boot (reboot) on the play store.
  16. cyanidekid

    cyanidekid Android Enthusiast

    I u
    I used kingroot too. Lately i use KingOroot and just delete kingouser and install supersu from playstore and update binary no problems. Im not knocking just listing an alernate.
  17. czarsup3rstar

    czarsup3rstar Member

    My Twrp doesn't factory resets. Google TWRP M1 CZAR.img built from source.
  18. rickyxxx

    rickyxxx Lurker

    im using the latest supersu no kingoroot or king user

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