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Root metro PCS GL with kitkat

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by drocsid, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. drocsid

    drocsid Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Has anybody rooted the mPCS galaxy light with KitKat?

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  3. noobroot3r

    noobroot3r Lurker

    Can you make a video? My PC seems to not place the files on the phone. It just opens the file and tell me to select a file . I'm new so maybe even a step by step instruction could help like whether I open a file or not. Thank you if you're so kind.
  4. I can walk you through it. But I'm not responsible if something goes wrong. I'm at work right now, so I can only do some sort of online chat. Send me a PM with how you can chat. If you have Gmail, that would be easiest.
  5. noobroot3r

    noobroot3r Lurker

    Thanks. My PC works fine . atm I cant do this but I need help on how to access the file to root it. I plug in my phone but I don't know how to install the file. It just says failed after I put start. Maybe you could tell me the file name because I can't find it under downloads or anything else but it is installed. PM me for my email address and thanks for helping me hope its not much trouble
  6. Just sent you a chat invite via gmail.
  7. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary
    VIP Member

    No biggie but just wanted to let you know that I removed your email address above, noobroot3r--don't want you to get spam email, etc., from bot's that scan our board.

    Cheers and best of luck!

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  8. Marcusrav

    Marcusrav Newbie

    I had success with this. I have limited knowledge but i am willing to help if i can.

    KA24DERACER Well-Known Member

    ^^Marcusrav, I have done it as well, it was not that hard at all (MUCH easier than some other PITA phones I have done). You just download all the files needed, run the .EXE on your computer, select the right settings and hit GO. Afterwards you just need to use the recovery to push the SuperSU app (SuperUser would probably work as well but SuperSU works for sure) and you are good to go. You dont need to mess with disabling the KNOX program (at least I didnt) as I dont think the Metro GL comes with it.

    The ONLY things that could mess you up would be to make SURE you have enabled "USB debug," which just involves going to the "phone status" and hitting the "build" area (I guess you would call it) like 7 times to enable the developer options and then going into that and enabling USB debugging.
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  10. ohbaby

    ohbaby Well-Known Member

    Hello. I am looking to buy the GL from Metro PCS and I have a few questions.

    I have read elsewhere, the GL has no Mass Storage Mode. Is this correct? And if so,... how is it possible you can browse the folders on your PC as Dontdriveangry has mentioned?

    And just to be clear,....Are these the root instructions for "Metro PCS" Kitkat Galaxy Lite? Or T Mobile?

    Download the latest version of supersu from SuperSU Download
    copy it to your device
    flash supersu in twrp
    reboot and load up supersu have it disableknox
    reboot to twrp and reflash supersu that should be all

    Like to give a big shout out to ShabbyPenquin, my hero in helping me with my LG Connect. It was a nice run while it lasted. That phone was a workhorse for me. Was using 60 gigs a month on average and it is still going strong. Unfortunately, it will be a dinosaur shortly with the cdma demise. Doubt very much the Galaxy Lite will live up to my expectations I had with the LG Connect, but I will never buy another $300+ cell. 2 years from now they will switch gsm to swampass and all get screwed again.

    Galaxy Lite users are in good hands with Shabby's help. I'm glad he's here.
  11. You need the phone's drivers installed on your computer, which your computer may perform automatically when you first plug your phone in, then connect it with a USB cable. If the drivers install correctly, then you should be able to browse the files, but you may have to go to Settings -> More Networks -> Mobile Hotspot -> enable USB tethering.
    The root instructions work for both. They are not carrier dependent. The recovery posted, however, is a T-Mobile recovery, but there are people who have used it and just flashed the MetroPCS radio band. But hopefully you won't need the recovery.
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  12. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User

    was :p

    i bought a tmobile light a while back ago because they didnt have root and i helped em with that, ran into some issues with the tmobile/light community ported twrp and promptly sold the device to try and recoup my losses. i havent had the phone since the beginning of this year and that was the jellybean tmo variant.
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  13. ohbaby

    ohbaby Well-Known Member

    Well, I got the phone recently, and must say I'm pretty impressed right out of the box. Had to add flash as it was not showing my regular video and streaming sites. Had to add Dolphin browser also. This is the first time I used Dolphin and it is pretty fast. Still, I need to root as I am getting a ton of popups. Need to install my adblocker, TB, and the like. Been a couple of years since I last rooted a phone and even then, not sure how I did it. I installed the drivers from Samsung, and I am able to transfer files. Of note, you cannot tether and transfer files at the same time. Must be one or the other as per the manual.

    Thank you for your reply dontdriveangry. Being the recovery is a bit shaky, I was hoping for some clarity in the root process again. Are these the steps you actually used to root your phone? I know you had problems earlier, I have read, being T Mobile.

    "Download the latest version of supersu from SuperSU Download
    copy it to your device
    flash supersu in twrp
    reboot and load up supersu have it disableknox
    reboot to twrp and reflash supersu that should be all."

    Then I guess install busybox too if needed?

    Shabby, great to hear from you. I know you said you moved on and I see you got the Nexus,.... but here you are, still lending a helping hand. You just can't help yourself. :)

    I was looking at all the $50 Metro PCS phones, and you suggested the GL in some other thread. That sealed the deal for me. So, there you go again, you just can't help yourself. I think the GL makes for a pretty comparable replacement for the Connect at a fraction of the cost. So thanks again.;)
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  14. The only difference I encountered was that I couldn't figure out how to disable knox in SuperSU, and that step wasn't even needed. This may actually be something that just the T-Mobile phones need to do; I don't know.

    I will speculate that since I didn't need to disable Knox, then I didn't need to reflash SuperSU, but again, this is just speculation, and it didn't hurt to reflash.

    I did not have to install BusyBox.

    If you need help, I would be willing to Skype with you while you're completing the steps. I'm relatively new to this type of stuff, and I know how unnerving it can be until you know you haven't ruined your phone. Just send me a PM if you need help.
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  15. ohbaby

    ohbaby Well-Known Member

    As I mentioned in another thread, I might take you up on that. Thanks for the generous offer but unfortunately I developed connectivity issues with this device, 7 days after purchasing. Want to straighten that out first before rooting. Might need to take this device to a service center.

    When I'm connected, I am quite happy with performance and speed. And I know it will be even better when rooted. But I need a steady, stable connection to keep this phone. Seems others are having the same issues as me. I'm playing with the settings, have a troubleticket in with Metro and we will see where it goes from there.
  16. kikogrammed

    kikogrammed Lurker

    can u please help me...i just bought the phone last week from metro pcs i would greatly appreciate it
  17. Friendly warning:

    Since people are asking about rooting MetroPCS SGH-T399N, I'm assuming the next step is custom rom. Be careful with custom rom. When I flashed my rom, it somehow locked my network. Specifically I tried this rom:

    [ROM][Galaxy Light T399][ANG6] LightWave V3[… | Android Development and Hacking | XDA Forums

    Its super strange because network lock/unlock has nothing to do with rom, but it happened to me. I purchased unlock code and everything is working.
  18. I just sent you a chat invite via gmail. You should remove your email from your message for privacy and spam reasons. You can always send a private message.
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  19. That happened because that ROM is for the T-Mobile version of this phone. There have been people who have successfully used that ROM for the MetroPCS version by flashing the T-Mobile radio band after installing the ROM.

    See this page: [Q&A] [ROM][Galaxy Light T399][ANG6] Lig… - Pg. 3 | Android Development and Hacking | XDA Forums
  20. I not sure and I'm to lazy to make a login to answer those guys questions. I made a backup and even when I went back to stock the network is still locked. All I know is buying the $18 unlock code was the only solution for me.
  21. That guy's questions, if you're talking about the same user I am (vindief), have already been answered. He had the same problem as you, and to fix it he just had to flash the MetroPCS radio band. That's what I was trying to say in my original post to you.
  22. pedplar

    pedplar Lurker

    Is this phone still able to be rooted? Have read conflicting posts on the net. Just got it a few days ago.
  23. ohbaby

    ohbaby Well-Known Member

    Yes, this phone can be rooted. But, do not install the custom rom from XDA. It is for T Mobile version only. So, if you have Metro PCS, that rom will cause you problems.
  24. pedplar

    pedplar Lurker

    What about the custom recovery. In the how to it says to use TWRP to push the apk. Do I need to first put TWRP on.
  25. ohbaby

    ohbaby Well-Known Member

    I'm not particularly root savy. Not sure what your asking. To root this phone, there is another thread with instructions. Basically to start, you need drivers so your pc can recognize your phone. Then an app called Odin installed on your pc, so it can install TWRP on your phone. Then TWRP can flash the SU.zip. That's the gist of gaining root access.

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