May 28, 2011
I had a problem when trying to root my phone.
I followed all the instructions exactly, but after flashing the kernel with Odin and XWKDD_insecure.tar, then the phone rebooted, it showed the yellow sign and then went on a loading loop (just keeps showing the samsung and carrier logo)
It didn
oh gosh .. seems to be bad in ur case mate..

guys/admins .. can we help him out with some solutions...????

sorry i am new to this android forums and a newbie to android as well :(
Factory reset looks like the only way out?
Also, which Kernel did you have originally?
By the way, when trying to freeze things with TiB PRO it just gets stuck on the freezing execution. The service does get frozen but I have to go to my homescreen and kill TiB, anyone know what could be causing this?

Also I noticed some of the apps I froze disappeared from the app menu altogether, which is interesting, I'm assuming they would return if I thawed those services/apps, not too bothered really but just thought I'd mention it.