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Root Problems with MoDaCo 2.9

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MiRaGe, Nov 26, 2009.

  1. MiRaGe

    MiRaGe Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello guys!! I have some problem I think. Yesterday did downgrade from Orange 2.73 6xx Rom to Original 2.73.405.5 HTC rom using goldcard and recovery image method. Then I upgraded to MoDaCo 2.9 core Rom.
    Now I can see in Settings some apps called SuperUser and Wireless Tether, but the problem is if I want to start tethering it stuck on black screen with "SU Request" on it. Same happens when I try to use Market Enabler.
    Do you know how to resolve this problem?
    Thanks in advance!

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  2. agent-5

    agent-5 Newbie

    It should give you the option to 'Always Allow', 'Allow Once' and a couple of others.

    If these options are not available, perform a full wipe from your recovery rom and re-install modaco.

    Did you install MoDaCo over your stock Orange ROM? If you did, this may be the cause. You should perform a full wipe before going to MCR. Subsequent versions of MCR can be applied as updates (unless Paul states otherwise).

    It's nothing to do with this problem, but did you partition your SD card?

    Hope this helps! Keep us posted!
  3. MiRaGe

    MiRaGe Member
    Thread Starter

    I did wipe before migrating to MoDaCo's Rom. I just figured out that only Market Enabler won't work and doesn't show "always allow", the other programs like wifi tether actually do..

    No, I've never done SD card partition job.
  4. agent-5

    agent-5 Newbie

    It would seem that MarketEnabler is still in the beta stage of development. Perhaps it has not been tested on MCR. If I were you, I'd email the dev's and let them know whats going on.

    As for partitioning, you'd need to have a partitioned SD card in order for Apps2SD to work.

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