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Root? Radio.spl? ROM? - No, I'm not a n00b!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Calab, Nov 14, 2009.

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    Oct 7, 2009

    I've had my Rogers Dream for a little while and I'd really like to root it and install a custom ROM. I've had no problem doing this on other devices, but the amount of different posts/methods/models has me totally confounded.

    I'm asking someone who's done the root successfully to put up a simple ??? to walk us through the root process. Also to explain what is a 'root', what is a ROM, radio SPL, etc. as rooting and changing the ROM is getting mixed up for lots of folks.

    Something like this: THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE!

    I've placed some comments in here. Please update the example as necessary.

    Rooting your phone simply means getting access to the phone as the "root" user. This gives you total control of the phone.

    Custom ROMs:
    Provide custom features on the phone, such as more screens, bug fixes, multi-touch, etc.

    Radio SPL:
    This is the software used by the phone to communicate with your carriers wireless network. This can be different for each carrier.

    Preparing to root your Rogers Dream phone:
    To get your phone ready to root, you need to get it to a point where it is vulnerable. You need the following:
    - "rogers_root_unzipme.zip" from here - Provides custom recovery images
    - HTC sync - from here - Provides drivers for the phone
    - flashrec-xxxx.apk - from here - Android program to backup and flash image files.
    - App Installer - from the Android market - Allows you to install .APK files onto your phone from your SD card.
    - SD card - Holds the files used to root your phone, etc.

    1) Install HTC sync. This should install the drivers necessary to support the phone when it is NOT in USB DRIVE mode.

    2) Unzip the "rogers_root_unzipme.zip" file. It should contain "boot.img", "recovery.img", "update.zip" and "instructions.txt"

    3) Copy the files from the "rogers_root_unzipme.zip" file to the root of the SD Card for your phone.

    4) Use App Installer on your phone to install the flashrec-xxxx.apk file. This installs the Recovery Flash program to your phone.

    5) Run the newly installed Recovery Flash and press Backup Recovery Image. This will create a backup file of your current recovery files. They are placed on the SD card.

    6) Copy the backed up file someplace safe, just in case.

    7) Go back to the Recovery Flash program and in the textbox type "/sdcard/recovery.img". Press Flash Custom Recovery Image

    8) The image will be flashed to the phone. It should not take very long.

    What did we just flash? What does it mean to us and the phone?

    9) Power off your phone.

    10) Turn the phone on while holding the "HOME" button. The recovery menu should appear.

    11) In the recovery menu, choose the second option - "apply sdcard:update.zip" (At this point I was getting errors and could not proceed until after I did a backup at this screen)

    12) Once the update completes, turn off your phone.

    Again, what did we update? How will it affect the phone?

    13) Hold the call/send button and then power up your phone. Once it starts, you should see "HBOOT-1.33.2005" on the screen.

    At this point your phone is ready to be ROOTED!!! :D

    Rooting your Rogers Dream:

    To root your phone, you will need:
    - The ROM file that you would like to use. Name it "update.zip"
    - Android Developers Kit from here - Provides fastboot.exe
    - The proper radio.img file from here
    - ???

    1) Place your new rom onto the root of your SD card, named "update.zip"

    2) Download and unzip the Android Developers Kit.

    3) Power up your phone to Fastboot - Hold the Call/Send button and press power.

    4) On your PC, open up a command prompt window. (WinKey-R -> "cmd") and go to the "tools" directory where the development kit was unzipped. - "cd C:\android-sdk-windows\tools"

    5) Execute the following commands in the command prompt window:
    fastboot flash radio radio.img
    fastboot erase system -w
    fastboot erase boot
    fastboot erase recovery
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

    This will put a new radio image on the phone, erase the system, boot and recovery image, and place a new recovery image on your phone.

    6) Once the flashing has completed, power your phone off by pulling the battery or using the button on the screen.

    7) Hold the HOME button and power on the phone. It should start in recovery mode. You should now be in recovery mode.

    8) Use ALT-S to flash your new ROM to your phone.

    Your phone is now ROOTED!!! :D


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