ROOT: Remove statusbar.apk completely?


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Jun 17, 2011
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is this possible without crashing the device? when i am browsing all apps within ROM Toolbox Pro, i noticed one called 'status bar'. if i remove this, would it just hide the bar or would it crash the phone? i am sick of it because i keep having to hit 'clear all' to unclutter it and i prefer app badges and i am using them right now, but i still get icon clutter (in the form of multiple Gmail new message icons, two G+ icons, an icon for severe weather from WeatherBug, etc. i hate clutter!). i understand i won't have things like signal or battery but i can get that through a widget. i am running Gingerbread on my phone so i don't have to worry about losing softkeys.
Love this question and im interested in the replys. If the statusbar was removed.. what would fill that space up there while youre in an app? My guess is it would just leave a blank strip there which would be a waste of realestate.
Even mods that give you transparent statusbar while in an app, still have the bar there but with your homescreen as background so it looks like crap usually
I think ive seen mods in ROMs that disable it.

Do you have titanium backup pro? You could always freeze it to see what the effects are.
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I think it only works in Gingerbread. I checked my jelly bean tablet and there isn't a separate apk for status bar, they consolidated it into system ui which just kernel panics if closed. Besides if you lose the status bar you lose soft keys too so if you lack capacitive or physical buttons you can't close or switch between things
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