Root [ROOT]Renew IP (Useful for tethering and IP ban evasion.)


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I have used this method a few time to avoid a ban on IRC, I can confirm it works... anyways here is the script.

Right Click -> Save Link As... -> File Name: renew-ip / Save Type: All -> Ok

Now navigate to file and put on your sdcard then you are finished.

If you ever need a new IP open "Terminal Emulator" and type in:
$ $su
#cd /sdcard
#sh renew-ip
And you will see this(note each line is a command[Noobs: $ and # are omitted do not enter them])
 Shutting down wireless interface[rmnet0]...
Bringing up wireless interface[rmnet0]...
Obtaining IP Address[rmnet0]...
Done...  hopefully all went well and you have a new IP.

Credits: 99% Google, 1% me for throwing commands in shell file and writing post.


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if ur banned from irc its possibly a good reason, not sayin there hasnt been a few mistakin bans
but maybe use this as a new way to get multiple items that require only a single ip adress..
nothing namable off the top of my head but i think you get the picture
like some websites restrict multiple access from the same ip... change it and you got a whole new access


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No but it can be handled with a 10 minute mute, you are banning someone cause they are frustrated? makes 0(ZERO) sense.


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Worked for me! had to put it in airplane mode first, thought it wasnt working.

-just toggling airplane mode does it! soo it doesnt work??


Usually a problem exists on irc that they occassionally ban a host instead of a specific ip addy. This is so people on ip pools can't renew their ip addy and continue to harrass others. Its happened to me before and usually talking to a channel opper will get you back in. This is a nice script to have because some of verizons ip pools have limits in place that prevents certain services (like torrents) from running. For example; When dling a movie some of the 172.x.x.x ip bundles won't allow torrents or other high bandwidth consuming services to run. They just time out or like youtube or other streaming apps stop halfway through the stream. I can just keep running the script until it renews my ip to a 65.x.x.x network which does allow full bandwidth use. I usually have to restart my phone again and again until I get on the network I want. This neat little script does it for me thanks.