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[ROOT] Stock Rooted Rom. No CWM required...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Apache Thunder, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This stock rom is only for the Boost Mobile version of the phone. You will get a version is too old error if you are on the Sprint version!

    Don't have or want CWM? Well I finally got a method of rooting this phone that does NOT require CWM at all! Only downside to it is that this method will wipe your data and app settings. You will need to reinstall apps and your settings once you are done.

    First you must unlock your bootloader as that remains the requirement before you can root or flash anything to this phone. If your boot loader is already unlocked, then your good to go and ready to root the phone.

    You can find instructions on how to unlock your phone here: Welcome to HTCdev

    Once you got your boot loader unlocked you should be able to flash a custom rom to the phone now. If hboot says "Unlocked" highlighted in Pink at the top left corner of the screen, then your boot loader is unlocked and you can flash this update.

    To install this stock root rom (comes with Titanium Backup preinstalled as wall) download and copy the PH44IMG.zip file posted below to the root of your SD card and simply power off the phone by pulling the battery, then after putting the battery back in, hold Power On + Volume Down buttons to boot the phone into hboot.

    If you see a mostly white screen with 3 little androids at the bottom, then you were successful. hboot will start searching for the file in a few seconds and will load it. It will take awhile. This is normal.

    Once it says it's ready to flash it, hit Volume Up to accept the update and it will start flashing it to your phone. Make sure your battery is charged past 35% before you start this and don't power it off before it finishes.

    Download Link:


    This will flash stock root with OTA June update and Titanium Backup preinstalled! Aside from that it is untouched stock and should still accept OTA updates provided that you have made sure to resintall any bloatware that you might have removed with Titanium Backup afterwords.

    If you run into problems or need to flash the official rom back to the phone, you can use this: (please note this will also flash stock kernel and stock recovery back to your phone. Be aware of that if you have CWM installed)

    (rename file so that it reads only as "PH44IMG.zip" or hboot will not recognize it)

    Now you can flash direct to root with no CWM required! :D

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  2. TheGunsmith

    TheGunsmith Lurker

    Giving it a try, I'll post back with my results
  3. TheGunsmith

    TheGunsmith Lurker

    Got a "Main Version Older" error in Bootloader when I tried to flash it. Any thought Apache Thunder?
  4. Rollout

    Rollout Newbie

    I hope this works, but with my luck last night I am going to wait for a few people to report back.
  5. lifelinepc

    lifelinepc Lurker

    I had tried everything else and nothing would work for me thanks to this now have root no problems thus far!!!!!!

    also if you removed any of the apps could you please post which ones
    Rollout likes this.
  6. DaddyZap

    DaddyZap Android Enthusiast

    APACHE you are a genius
  7. Rollout

    Rollout Newbie

    Curious why this is 450 mb when most of the others are under 2mb..... Odd.... I downloaded it .... Getting up the courage to try again...
  8. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    What carrier are you on? This will not flash on the Sprint version of the phone.

    That's normal. CWM installers are optimized to be smaller then the IMG files. The type of IMG files hboot uses for this phone use the ext4 file system and are non sparse. (thus using the -s command to mount it in Ubuntu will fail)

    system.img file is the bulk of the filesize and stores not just the files but all there permissions and symbolic links. :D

    Don't worry, so long as you flash this on the correct phone, you can easily flash the full stock zip file I linked to in this same thread if anything goes wrong. Then there's the RUU installer you an also fall back on which will pretty much flash all of the phone back to stock. :p
  9. Rollout

    Rollout Newbie

    I got the Main Version Older as well.... I am on Boost .....:/
  10. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    If you are on boost and get an old version error, then try changing the "mainver" string in the android-info.txt file to the following. Please note that once you do so, you will need to do this to any further zip files you attempt to flash to the phone:

  11. Rollout

    Rollout Newbie

    SWEET!!!! I was starting to lose hope.... this worked ! Thank you!
  12. Rollout

    Rollout Newbie

    Anyone know of a way to reinstall my contacts that I backed up on my zte warp? I used titanium root to back it up, but when I try to restore them on the htc it hoses the OS.
  13. TheGunsmith

    TheGunsmith Lurker

    Changing the MainVer # worked like a champ. Thanks.
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  14. munguse

    munguse Well-Known Member

    Did you not sync contacts with your google account? That's how I transferred contacts from phone to phone
  15. yacklounge

    yacklounge Newbie

    *What is the version of this rom: mine is 1.10.653.2 CL36726
    I see post for 2.12.651.5


    *Yeah Boost Mobile Evo Design Version are Shipped with:
    Operating System Ice Cream Sandwich 4.03.3, ROM version:1.05.653.3.710RD.
  16. wardth

    wardth Lurker

    Thanks, Apache Thunder. Worked great after I changed the version number.
  17. yacklounge

    yacklounge Newbie

    Work perfect for me.... I hit the thanks button...
  18. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Your version is older then the version for the rom. (looks like you had not yet installed the OTA) Since the stock rom comes with the OTA update, you do not need to do anything. Just install the rom and you have root and the OTA update right out of the box. :D
    yacklounge likes this.
  19. yacklounge

    yacklounge Newbie

    do i have to relock bootloader i think thats what it's called. or just do update. I brought this phone from boost and I did the update which was that version.

    Wow it did it on it's own, thank you again Apache. Nice job!!!
  20. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yeah once you install the stock root rom here, You won't need to do the OTA since you now already have it. The OTA for this month only made changes in the system and boot partitions.
  21. xcitement5000

    xcitement5000 Lurker

    Thank you so much for your work, that was so easy!!!
    The only thing is my play market wont open now.
    Any ideas?
  22. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You may need to reset the play market's cache. If you had any updates to it installed prior to installing this rom, you may need to uninstall them after if they are still present. I don't recall having problems with the market when I tested this. I can install this again and check to see though.

    EDIT: I tested it on my end and found no issue running Google Play. Try downloading the full stock zip and flash that. Then see if Market works. If it does then reboot back to hboot and reinstall the stock root zip again. Perhaps you somehow interrupted the update and something got messed up.
  23. jackbquick123

    jackbquick123 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Apacha and everyone involved. the other flash was reading and confirmed install but nothing there when I booted.
    I ran this one time and everything went smooth.
    Thanks again

    edit* just curious I ran voodoo carrierIQ detector before rooting and didnt find anything
    but after root it said elements found but seems inactive. Does that have something to do with su or something.

    Lol sorry rebooted ran it again and back to normal ,none detected.
  24. DBHALL

    DBHALL Newbie

    won't work tried many options? don't know what else I can try? PM please

    got it!
  25. Apache Thunder

    Apache Thunder Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Alright for those who have ClockWorkMod, you can use this to fix the version is too old errors permanently: (unless you decide you want to flash a newer version string again. :p )


    That will fix the version string stored in the phone so that RUU/Hboot images will flash again. If you want to use the pre-june update RUU, use the original cwm installer found in the forum I linked to in that thread. Otherwise, use the official version string that my zip file will use.

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