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[ROOT][UNROOT][CWM] Samsung Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102 [GUIDE]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by manoranjan2050, May 19, 2012.

  1. manoranjan2050

    Thread Starter

    This update.zip & unroot.zip is prepared by me for GT-S6102 ( GALAXY Y DUOS)

    For CWM view 2nd post below

    Before proceeding... Backup your data or make a nandroid backup using cwm

    Features :
    1. su binary (Updated to latest)
    2. Chainsdd Superuser 3.0.7 (41)
    3. Busybox 1.20.0
    4. Ssh
    5. Sqlite3

    How To :
    1. Download & copy the below attached "update.zip" to the root of your sdcard.
    2. Turn off phone.
    3. Press & hold (Power + Volume Up + Home) keys & release when sgy duos logo appears.
    4. You will be in recovery, select "select update.zip from sdcard".

    Remember in recovery touchscreen will not work use volume up down & home keys.

    5. Select "update.zip".
    6. Yes
    7. Done

    Remove Root Access Of Your GT-S6102​

    1. Uninstall all [Root] apps.
    2. Download "unroot.zip"
    3. Do as directed above..
    4. This time select unroot.zip
    Busybox remover Added

    Caution : Both files are related to each other, If rooted with "update.zip" from here then only use "unroot.zip"



    Big Thanks TO Millan.SiS @ XDA make Both two root or unroot file...........

  2. manoranjan2050

    Thread Starter

    For those who don't know... cwm is the advanced recovery console for your device, using which you can :

    1. Nandroid backup & restore.
    2. Flash custom rom & other advanced updater-scripts.
    3. Partition/Format sdcard.
    4. Calibrate battery by wiping battery stats.
    5. And more...

    How to:


    2. put this in you sdcard (put it directly, not in any folder or anywhere) and it sould be named as "update.zip " without the quotes

    3. switch off phone

    4. Now Boot you phone in recovery mode by pressing Home Key+Volume Up Key + Power Key together for few seconds until you see samsung galaxy y logo

    5. After that you will be taken to a menu, in this UI your touchscreen facility will not work, so use volume keys for scrolling up and down, home button to select and power key to go back.

    6. In that menu select update from SD card and select the zip file which you have recently copied it in your SD card.

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  3. mudasar75

    mudasar75 Lurker

    my sd card removes unexpectedly after every 5 minute .
  4. mudasar75

    mudasar75 Lurker

    hai i am from pakistan i have samsung galaxy y duos gt-s6102 . my sd card removes unexpectedly after every 5 minutes .........plz help

    rooting device is safe method plz help
  5. bbk

    bbk Lurker

    you can change your micro sd that is fake card yes root is good my galaxy is root now and i enjoy it becuze many software can play in root android for example avast anti virus
  6. ruel14

    ruel14 Lurker

    hi guys, if i unroot my galaxy y, is there a tendency that my warranty back? sorry for my bad english.
  7. manoranjan2050

    Thread Starter

  8. alchimisto

    alchimisto Lurker

    Hi :)

    First of, thanks for the tuto...
    I tried to root my phone, everything seemed to be alright, when i selected "update.zip" the rooting was done in seconds, and i received a message telling me that the root was done correctly...

    But when i turned on the phone, and tried the application ES file explorer ==> Settings ==> root, i wasn't able to activate the root, and a message told me that my phone is not rooted! curious problem :(

    Can anybody help me?
  9. Tushar Nagar

    Tushar Nagar Lurker

    :)Thanx Buddy ............. Is it Important to backup ????????:thinking:
  10. yes u have to other wise if u didn't took cwm u cold mite get in problems !
  11. sagarpatel

    sagarpatel Lurker

    Greetings of the day from sagar,
    i have samsung galaxy y duos s6102 and i have rooted my phone, installed iduos kernel 1.3.1, i've created ext 2 partition in my SD Card class 4 using minitool in win 7 hp sp1, installed a2sdgui in my phone, reboot my phone, installed dtapps2sd- still when i try to open a2sdgui it has an error message saying:
    " A2SD Script does not run properly, better to do "a2sd check" in the terminal emulator! Maybe your version is below"
    Would you please help me to solve this problem with a2sdgui? what should i update? a2sdgui or a2sd script or that dtapps2sd pack? how? Kindly provide an alternate method or option of a2sdgui also.
    Thanks in advance
  12. UtsavATN

    UtsavATN Lurker

    I have rooted my galaxy y duos but after rooting its batter is getting low very fast
    ....Please help

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