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Root v05 iphone 5 clone

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by roxxioo, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. roxxioo

    roxxioo Lurker
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    I just got a new china phone (MTK 6577, Android 4, model: V05) and I have some questions about basic android configuration. The layout is IOS6.0 (they seem to call it Android IOS6.0)<. However, the shell is english but some of the basic functions are in chinese. For example the alarm and clock settings are in chinese. Also all internet connection based basic apps are pointed to chinese addresses. The product page says it is based on Android 4.0.9.

    First of all I would love to have a more classic Android shell and all english.
    I would like to remove all "chinese apple ripoff apps" (like a fake appstore and iTunes).
    Change the default web page.
    Install Google Play (I got it running but it does not like my phone).

    Also, the phone presents it self as an iPhone5 running IOS6 and I guess it makes internet a bit more safe but also a bit boring.

    I am trying to get root access and the few standard methods I have tried is not working (scripts, apps, etc).

    Anyone with experience on these phones? Any tips where to start looking or maybe solutions? Also I cant find any english forum / forum sections dedicatet to chinese phones with Android. I hope I can get this working, the phone is awesome and I just love the fact that it

  2. Davdi

    Davdi Android Expert

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  3. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    Google play requires a certified android device to run.

    Many of the Chinese models don't qualify. I would guess as yours appears to be trying to be sold as a knock off iPhone it doesn't meet googles certification.

    I'm also not aware of ANY phone running android 4.0.9
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  4. roxxioo

    roxxioo Lurker
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    Thanks! I have read that thread before, good info.

    The thing is I just love this phone, it is a perfect 1:1 clone and there is nothing more attractive to me than cheap crappy underdog electronics (loved the movie real steel :) ).
    I hope someone has some root access tip.
  5. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    Rooting is very device specific in most situations. Chances are we will never see another device like yours on the boards, and given that its going to be near impossible to figure out the hardware and what software is actually running on the device, you may never find a way to root it.

    I wish you all the best, but that's unfortunately all I can help you with.
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  6. roxxioo

    roxxioo Lurker
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    After doing some research I think this phone is called Hphone V05. I got Google Play running and installed AnTuTu and it says:
    Android version: IOS-6.0
    Linux ver:
    gcc ver: 4.4.5
    CPU: MT6577
    ARMv7 (VFPv3, NEON)

    This is not Android 4.0.9 is it? It should have had a newer kernel right?

    Lol I got this hand written instruction in the box that said "do not factory reset, if you do the phone will not work" :)
  7. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood


    Antutu just gets that information from the build.prop, which can be edited to say whatever the person who sold it want red to say
  8. roxxioo

    roxxioo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    The IOS-6.0 (and "model: Iphone 5" + "manufacturer: Apple") I got that it came from the build.prop, but are the hardware and kernel info also manually edited?
  9. roxxioo

    roxxioo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Case (almost) solved.
    First - I got this device from androidforcheap.com, buying one GooApple i5 and the phone I described (called V05). I recieved 2 identical Iphone 5 clones (both same configuration). They claimed both phones had the Android 4.0.9 and MTK6577. The system kernel is and identifies as GRK39F (Gingerbread). In the build.prop file the mediatek.platform is =MT6575 (but AnTuTu says MTK6577).
    Anyway the two phones should have a few differences but there are none (apart from the extra $10 for the GooApple), so now I dont know if this is two GooApple i5 och two V05, or some older Iphone 5 clone.

    However I got all apps I need running and fixed the launcher and language issues I had without root access and I love this phone!
    I used the Evozi apk downloader and transfered all apps from my pc, Google Play Store worked but I was not all as reliable.
    APK Downloader [Latest] v1.4.0

  10. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator

    Glad to see you are solving some of the issues you are having on your own. As like I wrote about in that thread that was posted first we cannot really help you as sometimes going to the far reaches of the internet doesn't prove to have positive results :(
  11. texismike1

    texismike1 Lurker

    hello I bought a iPhone 5 clone also i had to download Aptoide downloder so i could install apps the one I, use to identify my phone is ES File Explorer and ES Task manager you open task manager click on more it will open a window click on about phone system it gives you the information you need it tells you what android version your running mine was supposed to be a 4.1 j,b its a 4.0.4 I,C,S P,S you can also download blackmart apps for free apps. I'm working on downloading google play store but I, need to root my iPhone 1st. i hope this helps. texismike1
  12. armando_m

    armando_m Lurker

    I got a similar phone

    I got airdroid on this and another phone ( a sony xperia) and have been transferring a few apps from the sone to the fake iphone , they run succesfully, (that's how I got antutu loaded)

    Which Launcher did you installed ?
    did you got rid of the chinese appstore?
    did you got rid of the chinese system messages ? if so how?

    Thanks in advance!
  13. armando_m

    armando_m Lurker

  14. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Android Expert

    you can make Google Play work on 'non-certified' devices if you're rooted (and many of these come pre-rooted) i managed to get Play working on a Mach Speed Trio running version 4.0.4. all you need is Play Services.apk and Play Store.apk, then if rooted get something like ES File Explorer and copy the two files to /system/app and reboot. it will then work perfectly fine and often you get notifications of app updates once it's back up and running. clicking Play Store's icon will ask for your Google Account and then work fine.

    You CANNOT side-load or install Play Store.apk as a normal app. it requires you to copy it into /system/app. also, do NOT change permissions. it causes a crash loop.
  15. armando_m

    armando_m Lurker

    Thanks! I'll try that

    side note: ran antutu benchmark , it is slower than my sony mini xperia , CPu is faster but everything else is slower ... oh well ...

    EDIT: copying the apk directly to system/app worked like a charm, thanks for the tip
  16. armando_m

    armando_m Lurker

    It is interesting as I'm learnign morea bout android, but don't waste your money on these things ...

    the darn thing has google.com blocked
    every time it gets wireless connection it tries to download 5 or more adult chineses apps with access to everything in the phone

    I'll try and update the rom if I can find the right one ...
  17. boyo1991

    boyo1991 Android Enthusiast

    I'm sorry to hear your having trouble! Keep in mind most Chinese made devices are not like this. I've had a few, and they worked well! (All were tablets) but I still haven't found a true use for tablets between my laptop and phone so they've been gone for some time now :p
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  18. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    I've come across that one before. Can it get YouTube or Facebook? I bet the hosts file or the browser has been nobbled, built-in PRC government censoring.

    "The People's Guide to Android in the People's Republic" has a Samsung. :thumbup: ...although there's plenty of really good Chinese phones from reputable manufacturers, like Huawei, ZTE, Oppo and Coolpad.

    If you wish to know about Android properly, and what it should be like as Google intended. Suggest you try a Google Nexus phone.

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