Root vs google phone.


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I am fairly sure I know the answer to this question, but I wll ask anyway.
What is the basic difference between an unlocked phone (google nexus) and a rooted phone. To expand on this question, I am in the market for a S4 to use with my ATT plan.

I can buy a att S4 for $200.00 or the google S4 that will be out next week for $650.00. If I get the ATT phone, and root it, what will the major differences be between the two phones.

The biggest thing I need to do with the phone is to tether my laptop and Nexus 10 undetected. (I have a unlimited plan) like I do with my Gnex now.

Would I be able to root the att phone and put jellybean on it and get the newest updates directly from google?


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Root is the ability to have administrator rights on the phones software.

An unlocked phone usually refers to that phone being able to be used on multiple carriers.

Unlocking the bootloader is also a part of the root process for many phones, but these 2 meanings of "unlocked" are not related


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The google versions "should" get faster updates of the newest android versions instead of you relying on 3rd party developers. I think thats the main difference between a google edition s4 and a rooted s4 :thumbup:


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Personally, if you're planning in rooting it makes more sense to me to get the normal s4. The Google edition ROM will be ported and you can enjoy that if you wish


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If you root and flash roms then they will both end up being the same phone.

The GE phone only makes sense (from a cost perspective) if you want stock Android and don't want to root/flash.