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Root Root without Unlocking (Vodafone, Korean, FRF91, new method)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kurzweil, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. kurzweil

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    Jul 28, 2010

    Jul 28, 2010
    TRANSLATE from German to English by google.com


    The boot loader must ensure not be enabled and it works well with FRF91, VF, Korean, etc.

    - The Android Exploid Crew:
    C skills: android trickery
    - Amon_RA
    - Cyanogen

    - Exploit is not from me (see credits), "proof of concept" for Nexus One created by dolomiti7
    http://www.android-hilfe.de/root-hacking-modding-fuer-nexus-one/36923-root-ohne-unlocking-vodafone-korean-frf91-neue-methode.html (German)

    or here
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=736271 (orginal tread)

    - Should work on all previous ROMs
    - Tested on EPF30, Korean FRF91, Vodafone FRF91.
    - As always: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

    - Locked Nexus One
    - Android SDK incl USB drivers
    - ADB connection
    - "Freenexus.zip"
    download here:

    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    MD5: 947C20222056D7C070733E7FCF85CF15

    Step-by-step guide:
    1st android sdk and install USB drivers
    2nd zip file to unzip the SDK tools directory (eg \ android-skd-windows \ tools)
    3rd Open command prompt (Windows: Start, Run, "cmd", OK; Linux Terminal)
    4th Ins SDK tools directory (ie change cd \ android-skd-windows \ tools)
    5th Nexus connect to USB debugging, enable mode
    (Settings / Applications / Development / USB debugging)
    6th "Adb devices" Run and see if the device is detected. Otherwise, step 5 or USB drivers test / re-install

    7a. Windows: "Run freenexus.bat"
    7b. Manualy or Linux installation:
    adb push free nexus / data / local / tmp / free nexus
    adb push Superuser.apk / data / local / tmp / Superuser.apk
    adb push su / data / local / tmp / su
    adb push busybox / data / local / tmp / busybox
    adb shell chmod 755 / data / local / tmp / free nexus
    adb shell chmod 755 / data / local / tmp / busybox

    8th Run the following commands
    adb shell
    ("$" Prompt appears)
    cd / data / local / tmp

    9th prepare for the nexus of energy control can be switched on / off the Wifi (power control or widget settings / wireless)
    10th directly AFTER the next step wifi on and off
    11th ". / Run free nexus" shell (still the)
    12th wifi on / off
    13th Now the following should appear:
    [*] local root Exploid Android (C) The Android Exploid Crew
    [*] Modified by ak for HTC Nexus One
    [] Using basedir = / sqlite_stmt_journals, path = / data / local / tmp / free nexus
    [] Opening socket NETLINK_KOBJECT_UEVENT
    [] Sending message add ...
    [*] Try to invoke hotplug now, clicking at the Wireless
    [*] settings, plugin USB key, etc.
    [*] You succeeded if you find / system / bin / rootshell.
    [*] GUI might hang / restart meanwhile so be patient.

    14th "Run rootshell"
    15th in successfully after password is asked, or again to step 10
    16th password "free nexus"
    17th Now, a "#" prompt appear - their> have root
    18th now established yet with the following commands:
    . / Busybox cp busybox / system / bin
    chmod 4755 / system / bin / busybox
    busybox cp Superuser.apk / system / app
    busybox su cp / system / bin
    chmod 4755 / system / bin / su
    rm / system / bin / rootshell
    19th Check:
    adb shell
    20th Super User should jatzt ask for your permission in the Nexus
    21st # Prompt appears again. Otherwise, try again below and respond to super-user query
    22nd ready

    Next possible step Recovery is now a custom install, the easiest on the "ROM Manager" from the Market. There are however a number of tutorials

    Anyone who has installed a Korean Rome or the Vodafone PASSIMG is, and is known to version 0.35. The prepared e.g. Problems Installing Age of cyanogen (At least for now, as is the scripting and is known in the install-version 12:35 is not accepted)
    Downgrade tutorial, there are at xda (thread 726 258)

    After the downgrade is root and is known and custom recovery disappeared (then again you have a STOCK EPF30) and it must be gerootet again. As an alternative to EPF30 PASSIMG can also be used every other PASSIMG zb EPE76 (only possible with none and is known therefore 12:35 VF / Korean, otherwise it would be pointless ...)
    After the renewed Rooten can then CM6 or U.S. stock or what will install even more. version then no possible PASSIMG with new install and is known ...

    After the downgrade to EPF30 is again the old radio version on it. Before CM6 is flashed, remember one Froyo aufzuspielen radio. Then will but I believe in all the threads CM6 also mentioned.
    Is there e.g. here:
    [RADIO] New NexusOne Radio

    best regards


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    Aug 2, 2010

    Aug 2, 2010
    stuck from 6th
    adb devices??? i am not getting what that mean?

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