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rooted access again??? and big thanks

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by flacraker, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. flacraker

    flacraker Member
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    Jun 25, 2010
    flatbed recovery operator.
    west palm beach florida
    thanks to all with all the rooting tip and help, ive been rooted for a couple of days, and its great for the wifi teather, i am wanting to get rid of some bloatwear and maybe flash a new rom. i know there are threads for flashing roms and removing bloatwear, but i am just curious as to how to get back into the phone to do all that, do i just start comand promt again, and start out like im rooting or is there a basic way to be conected in comd prmt screeen to the phone... thanks again for all your help... i have searched to seee how to get back in the phone but came up short thats why im asking...


  2. ccapasso

    ccapasso Android Expert

    Jan 12, 2010
    1. Plug phone into computer (make sure USB Debugging is enabled)
    2. Open a command prompt
    3. Issue the change directory command to change to your android-sdk-windows/tools directory
    4. Issue the following commands:

    adb remount

    5. You are now back "into" your phone. If you need shell access, issue the following:

    adb shell

    6. You may now remove apps, etc. If you are looking for what commands to use to remove the apps, there is a tutorial/faq on all of this (including what I already put here).

    The basic commands are as follows:

    adb remount
    adb shell
    cd /system/app
    ls (this will show you a list of apps currently installed in the /system/app directory)
    rm nameofapk.apk (this will remove the app (apk file) that you no longer want)

    You can also check out the /data/app directory to see if there are apps there you do not want:

    cd /data/app/
    rm nameofapk.apk

    Keep in mind, if you start removing things, you may remove something that is necessary for the system to function properly. Use caution and only remove what you know is safe. If you don't know, read up as there is a thread on what you can/cannot remove. Or...just ask :)

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