Root Rooted Battery Life Died

Hi guys I'm new to the site and new to root. I have a droid razr maxx that was slowing down. I decided to root to help speed it back up again using an app called cpu tuner.

root went fine, my phone speed up once I used cpu tuner all was well.

well in the past month or so my battery life has fallen off a cliff.

it happens not when my phone is in idle, but when I use it. I don't understand whats happening but here on some screen shots

as you can see from pic 3 it not only loses charge fast, it charges fast. that was from 5% to 40% in about 15 mins on the charger.

I've tried to dial back the cpu speeds, turned down my brightness from 100% to about 40%, nothing is helping.

also here are the rooted apps I've downloaded

AFwall +
Calibrate Battery
CPU Tuner
Titanium Backup

any help would be awesome guys thanks :beer:

oh also I've have not downloaded any custom ROMS