Dec 23, 2013
Hauwei it rooted, but now what? When I open superuser, it only shows rootchecker and superuser. I go to manage appliations and still cannot delete unwanted apps. Please explain how I can delete all of the apps I do not want. HELP! I need to free up uneeded space!
Use an app like Titanium Backup. It will ask for superuser privileges. Say yes. You don't use Superuser, apps ask su for root and Superuser ask you yes or no for that app.
Ok, I assume that whenever I open an app it is supposed to ask for su privileges. The only problem is that when I open an app, nothing happens except the app opening normally. The app does not ask anything about superuser. Only rootchecker asked to allow su privileges. No other app will do this when I open it including all backup. Rootchecker says my phone is rooted, but the apps are not recognizing su evidently.