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Rooted but system is still eating up RAM

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tucker07753, May 17, 2011.

  1. tucker07753

    tucker07753 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have an issue with my RAM when I look at Titanium Backup is says
    System 149MB (27.2 MB free)
    Internal 221MB (68.9 MB Free)

    I have Vampo Recovery and I flashed SpeedRomV3.
    Build The_Last_Crap.

    I think this is what is slowing down my phone... any suggestions.

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  2. xkillswitchx23

    xkillswitchx23 Well-Known Member

    wait how did u see who much system space you have?
  3. twistedsense

    twistedsense Member

    The newest TB shows how much room is left over from what the ROM can take up.
  4. xkillswitchx23

    xkillswitchx23 Well-Known Member

    oh i havnt used tb in a while, is the new one better with backing up and restoring ?
  5. twistedsense

    twistedsense Member

    BTW tucker I've been using the Vamps 2.0.9lv kernel and its been plenty fast on the Platinum ROM in my personal opinion. Just switched the to The Last Crap kernel to check it out. Running EXT 4 i've gotten the best Linpack and Quadrant scores ever with The Last Crap. I've only used Vampirefo's kernels so I am going to use The Last Crap over the next week or so and see how it performs.
    What are you running in the background? Have any apps like weatherbug or things like that?

    Xkillswitch I've never tried anything besides TB PRO and like it so have never bothered with trying others. It seems faster since the last update. Faster backup and faster restore from what I've seen so far. So I am happy with my investment in purchasing the PRO key.
  6. Cooper271

    Cooper271 Android Enthusiast

    Download and install Minfreemanager. Set Hidden App to 30, Content Provider to 60, and Empty App to 90. Hit the menu key and then presets. Then hit save current as custom. Now hit the menu key and hit apply.

    From now on when you turn your phone on just go to the app, hit menu, hit presets, hit custom, and hit apply.
    Should speed it up some.
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  7. tucker07753

    tucker07753 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks Cooper... I will try it and see if it works.

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