Root Rooted droid x wifi tether problem. 3g drops over and over

I rooted my droid x 2.2 and got wifi tether app from market. I connect to my windows 7 pc and it is fine for surfing the web but if i download torrents it works for a couple minutes then i can see the 3g icon go away and come back over and over. But i download torrents fine if i use pdanet to tether. Am i doing something wrong or what?


If I dont tether with wifi i have 3g the whole time.Most of the time if i just surf the web i keep 3g even. I dont get it.

I am having the same problem too I had started to wireless tether about a month ago and was working great until a couple of days from this posting. I could've browse with drop internet and now I am not even able to browse more than three minutes without getting interference. Can anyone help??... I have Verizon droid x 2.2 rooted


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Random 3g drop is part of the DX from my understanding. Happens to me from time to time even with out tethering.

That brings me to my next point. Stop downloading torrents with your droid. Wi-fi tethering is meant for browsing the web, not massive file downloads. You should consider paying for tethering if you feel that obligated to download torrents.


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Thank god there's someone else with this problem. It's driving me insane. I can't get an internet connection at my house (no, not even satellite or dial-up), and my phone is the only option to do work. Several times a day the 3G will constantly drop and return for about thirty minutes at a time. During that time I don't have a connection stable enough to even load Gmail. I tried using PDANet, but the 3G still drops. It's making me lose my love for Verizon very quickly.


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I've had this problem with all my phones, D1, D2, and DX, it only started with froyo. But ever since I started using the 3G hotspot app with TBH hack, I'm not really having this issue anymore.