Rooted EVO 3d (Sprint) phone + accesories!


Trying to get rid of my EVO because I have a E4GT on pre-order. I will be selling it AFTER I receive my E4GT.

Note: The phone is also for sale on Craigslist and I can choose to not sell to ANYONE.

I will ship a MINT Evo 3d, 2x 8gb class 4 SD cards, 1 Extended Gorillagadgets 3400MAh battery/battery cover, one stock battery/cover, the box, charger, extra HTC usb cable.

Phone is ROOTED with Hboot 1.3, it is S-off, and I can flash any rom you need/want! I can also change it back to stock!

Okay, now that thats all out of the way, I'm not sure what I'm trying to sell it for, but throw me some offers please and if I see a good price I'll ship it :p

Also, this is my first transaction over a forum, so you will need to walk me through it. (don't assume I'm an idiot though..)