Root Rooted G3 and latest Verizon Update


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Anyone who is rooted on Verizon, did their latest update install?


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Mine did not, Rooted with ioroot. Error when it tried to install.

I ended up having to reflash stock cause i screwed up my attempts at reloading a build.prop, so I am back on stock with the update.

Wondering now if the update will root.


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I was rooted, no custom recovery. I had edited a file to increase headset volume. They update wouldn't go until i restored the original file.

I did keep root after the update.


I've been seeing very mixed messages about the vzw update on XDA.

If you have root and twrp, want to keep it, you might want to seriously consider freezing "System updates" until things shake out a bit. Wait to get feedback from some of the developer gurus.

Some have reported losing root, others have had a bear of a time trying to rollback to 10b.

If everything is great, the update will still be there in another week :)