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Rooted, Have Questions :X

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by brianhenny, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. brianhenny

    brianhenny Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hey Guys.

    Took the leap of faith (dramatic) and rooted tonight. I did the one click root of unrevoked on my mac. The installer said that it was rebooting in recovery mode, and my phone was on and working and still plugged in. I guess it froze because it never said "finished" but it still works.

    I bought Titanium Backup and froze a bunch of apps, but I can't see to get Amazon MP3 gone. It's frozen but it still remains in the app drawer.

    However, when I attempt to uninstall an app, it freezes me and reboots my phone every time. I've tried like 6 times. When I boot into Hmode (or whatever you call it) it says I have s-on. Can anyone help me out? Did I not fully root? I don't want to brick my phone. If it's the best option, can someone walk me through installing a custom ROM that doesn't have bloatware?

    I appreciate the help guys

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  2. mike17

    mike17 Member

    if you did unrevoked correctly s would be off. I would just try to root again using unrevoked. But to get a rom the easiest way once you have s-off is to download rom manager and download one from there it will do everything for you so that you dont have to do anything most of those roms dont have any of the bloatware
  3. brianhenny

    brianhenny Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the reply! I think unrevoked froze on my computer and never finished. It said S-On but I had that one app "superstart" or something and I thought that meant I was somehow rooted?

    I downloaded Rom Manager and did the Virtous 3.1.0 and it's on my phone and i'm loving it. Battery seems to last much longer with all the bloatware gone.

    I thought re-rooting your phone would brick it? Even though i've gotten this far, should I re-root again? Also, if it helps at all, I did the first option (not unrevoked forever)
  4. mike17

    mike17 Member

    well it looks like your fine since you have superuser on it and you could download a rom. Congrats on rooting!
  5. Terabethia

    Terabethia Android Expert

    If you have SuperUser access (you'll see the app) then you are rooted.

    However, the one that you used (the top on, Unrevoked 3) SHOULD have also gave you SOFF. So it seems like it stalled on that part. I would do a backup with Nandroid and then go back and get UnRevoked Forever and use that. That is the program that gives you SOFF.

    If none of this makes sense, I will explain. It used to be, back on 2.1, you had to do UnRevoked2 to root and then UnRevoked Forever to get SOFF. When they created their software for Android 2.2, they put both of these things in one, which is now UnRevoked 3.

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