Aug 1, 2012
Hi All -

After recently rooting my HTC Desire (using revolutionary), I installed Sandvold's custom ICS rom.

I'm really happy with the rom...for the most part.

My main plea for assistance is that when the phone is rebooted, I get the "Android is Upgrading" notification (which I've read should only really come up the first time) every time. Once that completes, I get a series of notifications that my apps have stopped working.

Up till now, I've patiently uninstalled and reinstalled my apps, but it's becoming a pain and I'd like to know if there's a solution that's anyone's aware of.

Thanks for your help in advance
Hi SCWMandala, and welcome to AF :)

I only tried this ROM for a few hours, so don't have any real experience of it. I've moved the thread to Desire All Things Root, where with any luck somebody who knows the ROM will be able to advise.
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Before installing did you wipe?
I ask because today when I installer MIUI and didn't wipe, I got those errors too.
Maybe with the exception of android is upgrading as I didn't reset my phone
Hi Tyseyh

I think I possibly only wiped my SD card, not my phone's internal memory....

Would you recommend reinstalling the rom but making sure everything is wiped first?

It is pretty much a must that you wipe internal memory when flashing a new rom.

Unless, you wiped, installed Muiu for example, then updated to another version of MIUI.
You wouldn't need the wipe.

Get titanium backup.
Back up all your apps, messages can be backed up by smsbackup+
Then wipe and re flash.
Probably won't need re flashing tbh.
Thanks Hadron - I knew I'd open myself up to criticism when I mentioned that I'd wiped my SD card! I obviously had a rookie moment when I did that.....

Tyseyh - I've wiped the phone and (re)installed the rom, but on reboot I still keep getting the "Android is upgrading" box in the middle of the screen. When the phone then starts, I get the "unfortunately (app) has stopped" message - this pops up for approximately half of my apps.

Most annoying (but I appreciate your time in responding)
I did them all, but to no avail.

I guess I'm going to have to manage my battery to make sure it never needs to reboot again!?

Thanks again for your time and help.