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Root Rooted N1 vs Rooted HTC Desire

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by neo2753, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. neo2753

    neo2753 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 21, 2010
    Hi everyone,
    I have been searching on different forum for days now but couldn't found a clear answer, so I now ask for your help.
    I'm from Switzerland and made a reservation on Nexus One from Orange (which is suppossed to be here in few days) but it appear that Orange changed my reservation to HTC Desire, the description on orange webpage even say for HTC Desire : "Google Nexus One par HTC".
    Oh and Orange Switzerland couldn't give me a date for the true N1.

    Ok for the background, now my question :
    - I will root whatever phone i eventualy chose.
    - Will the number of ROM and the community behind N1 and Desire be the same ? What will be the difference between these 2 for someone rooting them ?
    - With i be able to use google voice recognition and speach to text with custom ROM ? (with the Desire too ?) (btw anyone know how it work in french ?)

    I read few "Nexus One vs HTC Desire" pages and never found a clear list of what difference they have.
    - Is the active noice cancelation very usefull and will i miss it on the Desire ?

    One last very open question :
    - If you root both phone, which would you chose ?



  2. cyberbob25

    cyberbob25 Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2009
    I haven't done any research on the matter, but I've read in several places that the Desire is very difficult to root, if it can be done at all. Apparently, in order to root the desire, it must be done via a custom radio flash, which can be very risky.

    Personally, the noise cancelling microphone makes a huge difference when making calls (obviously, I can't hear the difference, but I am now able to call people from within the data center, and even with in my convertible with the top down...people are still able to hear me fine).
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  3. neo2753

    neo2753 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 21, 2010
    Thank you for your answer,

    I have made a lot of search lately, still couldn't find with a clear answer :
    So far what i found :

    1. Rooting / Custom Rom
    - You currently can only install original rom to the HTC Desire (say remove Orange Rom to go back to HTC Rom)
    - Noone has rooted the phone so no custom rom can be installed (ex. Cyanogen Mod) but it will eventually be done. (btw you cannot flash it back to orange rom for now, but that will eventually be done too).
    Just a matter of time
    Source : Desire Android Development - xda-developers
    - About Voice Recognition there is some hack to enable it on the Desire, but its not as perfect as for the Nexus One and currently only in english, but I guess once more that it would be available in custom rom once the phone is rooted.

    2. Hardware
    - as Cyberbob said Noice Cancelation seems to really work, and I really wish it was on the Desire (Google Nexus One - Noise Cancellation Microphone #win / My Nexus One and me | Noise Cancelling on Nexus One )
    - Google said the Nexus One has not yet revelead all his secret, like we know for the color trackball or the inside FM tuner which are not active in 2.1

    3. Price (at least for Switzerland)
    Retail price and price with a 1 or 2 year contract with orange (27€/month for almost only 1GB/month and almost no free call or message)
    A. Nexus One
    ----- 700€ : Retail
    ----- 460€ : 1year
    ----- 355€ : 2years
    B. HTC Desire
    ----- 490€ : Retail
    ----- 250€ : 1year
    ----- 97€ : 2years

    700€ for a retail Nexus One in shop (Orange won't sell it cause they say it has no garantee at all (which is probably an error)) is way too expensive, as you can find it easily for 510€ on direct sale on ebay ... (unfortunaley i cannot ask them to pay for something i buy on ebay ...)

    4. For now
    The Nexus One is overpriced in my country and therefore I will probably end up buying the HTC Desire, overall I would prefer to go for the Nexus One for its active noice cancelation and a higher community behind.
    But these 2 reasons does not worth 258€ and as i plan to use CyanogenMod its probably just a matter of time before im able to do it.

    Overall the dealbreaker is only caused by Google and their wrong idea for selling cellphone, which leaded shop in Switzerland to sell it overpriced ...

    I still have 4 days before the release of HTC Desire, I might still do some search.
  4. SnotF

    SnotF Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2010
    Boston Baby!
    Pretty sure Paul announce on twitter last night or the night before that he had root on the desire. In any case, I'd wait a bit on jumping on the desire, just to make sure tons of buyers regret doesn't set in. That said, that phone is a beast. Either one would be a smart choice... although if you're not rooting, it seems as though n1 owners will be getting froyo first.

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