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Root Rooted Opt. T? Get uninstall happy & now have no home screen? Here is how to fix it :D

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by brnf2008, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. brnf2008

    brnf2008 Newbie
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    Feb 27, 2011

    This only works if you are not bricked!! If you are bricked I cannot help you nor will this tutorial, sorry.:(

    Did you get uninstall happy once you rooted your Optimus T? Delete something you were sure of and now when you press the home button you have no screen? Just black, no icons, background, or menu? Do other functions work? I.E. Recieve phone calls, texts, able to access internet etc. . . Then this SHOULD work for you :D

    The issue was a LGHome.apk issue. He must of deleted while being uninstall happy (;(my husband got a little TOO uninstall happy & I had to find the fix to the black nothingness of the home screen & came up with this tutorial) But the problem is fiixed (majority of the way) I was able to access the internet using the search button on the phone in doing so I pulled up ASTRO file manager download AND THANK GOSH :D it had a link to the Market app on the site (cause I couldn't access it from the phone otherwise) I downloaded it and then followed these steps:

    1.Download Astro File Manager from the Market
    2.Connect your phone to computer in disk drive mode (connect to USB cable, select Disk Drive(or USB Mass Storage drive) from the options that appear on the phone, press Done)
    3.Copy the APK file to the SD card (anywhere you like)
    4.Disconnect phone from computer (remembering to Safely Eject first)
    5.Open Astro and browse to the file
    6.Select the file and choose the Open App Manager option
    7.Press the Install button

    8.If you get a message saying:



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